Amazing Son-in-law 3032 Charlie

 Fitz raised his wrist, looked at the limited edition Richard Mille watch on his wrist and frowned, "It's already 11 o'clock, if we delay any longer, she definitely won't arrive at the venue on time."


      Fitz said, "I'll give Miss Stephanie a call."


      Chen Duoduo then said, "Young Master Banks, if there's nothing else, I'll go and get busy first."


      "Okay." Fitz nodded, took out his mobile phone, found Stephanie's number and dialed it.


      However, a prompt came from the other end of the phone, "Sorry, the user you have dialed is switched off, please dial again later."


      Seeing that Stephanie had turned off her phone, Fitz was even more baffled.


      He didn't know that Stephanie's phone had been switched on to Do Not Disturb mode. Under this mode, only the few calls that she had whitelisted could get through to her phone, and anyone else would be prompted to switch off their phone.


      So, he hurriedly asked someone to check the information of the Aurous Hill Airport, but he did not find any information about Stephanie's entry into the airport.


      He instinctively thought that Gu Qiuyi had not yet arrived in Aurous Hill, perhaps she had been delayed in Eastcliff due to some accident, and would probably change to another plane to come to Aurous Hill soon, so he hurriedly instructed his men to drive to Aurous Hill airport to keep a lookout for her, and at the same time called his friends at the railway to ask them to help check whether Stephanie had purchased a high-speed train ticket within the railway system.


      In his opinion, Stephanie could not have any other choice but to fly and take the high-speed train from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, and as long as he seized these two channels, he could definitely wait for Stephanie.


      As a result, what he never dreamed of was that he waited until almost twelve o'clock, but he still had no sign of Stephanie, and his friends at the airport and the railway had not made any progress either.


      He felt that Stephanie was very serious about the show, which was to start tomorrow, and she had to finish the rehearsals today, so she should not be absent at this time.


      However, he was a little anxious as he could not contact anyone and could not find any clues.


      Seeing that the time was only two to three minutes before 12 o'clock, Fitz thought about it and decided to give up his plan of picking up the plane and go back to the venue first, in case Stephanie quietly went to the venue for rehearsals on time and he was still waiting at the airport to pick her up, that would be really funny.


      With this in mind, he hurriedly led his men to the Olympic Centre.


      Just as his car was already driving into the gates of the Olympic Centre, Charlie drove Stephanie to the VIP lane at the back entrance of the Olympic Centre arena.


      Chen Duo Duo had already arranged for the staff to seal the entrances and exits in advance so that fans would not mix in.


      After Charlie parked the car, Stephanie said to Charlie, "Thank you, brother Charlie, for driving me here, I'll go first!"


    Charlie asked Stephanie, "Stephanie, do you want me to accompany you to the rehearsal?"


    Stephanie hurriedly said, "No, no! My rehearsal is confidential to you, so I can't let you see it, otherwise there will be no surprise when the performance comes tomorrow.


    Charlie had no choice but to nod and say, "Okay, then I'll leave first, call me if you need anything."


    Stephanie said playfully, "Brother Charlie, don't forget to pick up my parents together tomorrow!"


      "Okay!" Charlie agreed and spoke, "You hurry up and get busy, I'm leaving."


      "Bye brother Charlie!"


      At the same time, Fitz also drove into the VIP lane.


      As he himself was a partner of the organiser, he had been using the VIP lane these days, so the staff let him through directly when they saw his car.


      Fitz had just pulled into the VIP lane when he saw Stephanie walking down from an ordinary BMW 520 in front of him, and waved at the person in the cab with a happy face as she got down.


      Fitz could not see the driver's appearance from the back, but through the back glass, he could see the back of Charlie's head, who had a short inch haircut, and whoever looked at it from the back, could tell that it was male.


      In this instant, Fitz's heart burned with anger and he cursed through clenched teeth, "Damn it! I've been waiting for you all day, but I didn't think you'd let another man send you over! There's no information about you at the airport or the high-speed train, yet you've already arrived in Aurous Hill, it seems that you're deliberately avoiding me!"


      With that, he took a closer look at Charlie's license plate number, took out his mobile phone and made a call.


      "Hey! Help me look up a license plate information! I want all the information of this car owner! It has to be fast!"