Amazing Son-in-law 3031 Charlie

 Charlie drove to Buckingham (Shangri la) Palace and took the internal lift with Stephanie to the room her team had reserved.


      Once inside, Stephanie took three or two steps to the sofa and got into a standard kurtosis, lamenting, "Oh my god, I'm really tired from getting up early to catch a flight."


    Charlie laughed: "If you are tired, you can rest for a while, and then we can go eat after you have rested."


    Stephanie asked, "Brother Charlie, where are you going to take me to eat?"


    Charlie then said, "Whatever you want, if you don't mind, we can make do with the catering department at Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace, if you don't mind, we can go to Albert's Tian Xiang Fu."


    Stephanie hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Oh, forget the Tian Xiang House, it's too tiring, it's too rich and tiring to eat, and I have to rehearse at the venue at one o'clock, so time is rather tight."


      Saying that, Stephanie daintily asked, "Brother Charlie, why don't we have the catering department make some food and send it to the room, and you can accompany me to eat in the room."


    Charlie nodded and said, "If you're too lazy to move, then I'll have Old Cameron arrange for someone to bring some over."


    Stephanie hurriedly said, "That would be perfect!"


    Charlie called Cameron and asked him to arrange for the catering department to make some of the best dishes and send them to Stephanie's room at around 11:30 a.m. Cameron hurriedly went to the catering department to keep an eye on them, fearing that he would be late.


      At 10.30am, the convoy prepared by Fitz was already assembled in front of the venue, ready to go to the airport to meet Stephanie's arrival.


      In order to get a full grasp of Stephanie's movements, Fitz specifically asked someone to enquire about the status of Stephanie's private jet, such as whether it had already rolled out of the parking space, whether it had started lining up for departure, and what time it was expected to take off.


      However, just as he was about to depart for the airport, he received a message from Eastcliff, telling him that Stephanie's private jet had just cancelled its flight today.


      Fitz didn't react at once and called to ask: "You said Stephanie's plane had cancelled its flight plan? What happened? Is it because the weather in Eastcliff is bad? Was there a thunderstorm or high winds?"


      The answer was simple and concise: "There is a light breeze and no clouds."


      Fitz frowned and asked again, "Is it a traffic control?"


      The answer was still simple and straightforward: "The traffic is normal."


      "Then what's going on?!" Fitz asked in disbelief, "Aren't there only two kinds of flight cancellations? Either the weather is bad, or the traffic is controlled!"


      The other party said, "There is another possibility that the people themselves want to cancel. If the other party has some temporary change and can't fly, we can't let the plane finish the trip empty, right?"


      Fitz was annoyed for a while, then immediately hung up the phone, turned around and went back inside the venue, said to Chen Duoduo who was working, "Duoduo, what time is Miss Stephanie coming over today?"


      Chen Duoduo said in mock surprise, "Stephanie's rehearsal starts at 1pm, didn't we tell you that already?"


      Fitz held back his anger and spoke, "What I asked was when she was flying over, I just heard that her plane had cancelled its flight today."


      Chen Duoduo asked with a surprised look on her face, "Ah? Is that so? I didn't even hear about that, she didn't tell me either."


      Fitz asked her rhetorically, "You are her agent, don't you know when she will arrive in Aurous Hill today?"


      Chen Duo Duo nodded seriously and spoke, "You're right, Young Master Banks, I really don't know exactly when she's arriving in Aurous Hill today, she didn't ask me to arrange for a pick up, she only said she would be at the venue at one o'clock."