Amazing Son-in-law 3020 Charlie

     Chen Duo Duo nodded thoughtfully, "That's also right ...... When you light up the surprise for Charlie wade at the concert, Fitz will definitely not pester you anymore."


      When he said this, Chen Duo Duo sighed with relief and said, "In that case, I will arrange for the finance to prepare a cheque for 30 million and give it to him first thing after the show."


      "Good, then you'll be the one to give it to him then, I don't really want to deal with him."


      "Okay." Chen Duo Duo nodded, and then added, "Oh yes Stephanie, when are you coming over tomorrow?"


    Stephanie spoke, "I should take off at around eight in the morning and land at around nine fifty, but I have an appointment with brother Charlie. He'll go back to the airport to pick me up then, so you don't have to worry about me."


      Chen Duo Duo said, "Today Fitz has been asking me about when you're coming, and I suspect that you his style of acting and will probably find a way to pick you up at the airport. You'll have to pay attention in advance."


    Stephanie suddenly said in a depressed voice, "He can't be that boring, can he?"

Chen Duoduo bristled, "Even for us staff, he can personally go to the airport to pick up the plane, let alone you, right? I reckon he's been keeping an eye on the incoming information at Aurous Hill Airport for a long time, so it's possible that he's already seen the information about your flight before it even takes off and the route application."


    Stephanie pondered for a moment. You can also tell the staff at the venue that I won't arrive until 1pm and that I'll go straight to the rehearsal hall when I arrive, so that even Fitz will believe it.


      Chen Duoduo said, "There's no need to go through all this trouble. Just ask your brother Charlie to pick you up, and when Fitz sees him, he'll know that you've already got a sweetheart, so maybe he'll back off."


      "How would that work." Stephanie blurted out, "Brother Charlie is still married. If people know about me and him, it won't be good for him if word gets out."


      Chen Duo Duo was stunned for a moment before saying helplessly, "Alright ...... then I'll tell everyone later that you'll arrive at 1pm. I hope I can fool Fitz."




      The next day.


    Charlie and Claire got up early in the morning, and mother-in-law Elaine had already made breakfast.


      While washing up, Charlie wade received a WeChat from Stephanie saying, "Brother Charlie, I'll be at Aurous Hill Airport at nine fifty, and I'll be out of the airport gate at ten o'clock sharp, is your time okay?"


    Charlie wade immediately replied to her with a no problem.