Amazing Son-in-law 3019 Charlie

 That evening, Chen Duo Duo checked all the hardware and equipment at the performance venue and returned to the hotel after making sure there were no problems.


      As soon as she reached her room, she immediately sent a video call to Stephanie.


      When the call was answered, Stephanie was resting in her boudoir in her pajamas with a face mask on.


      She asked Chen Duoduo, "Duoduo, is everything done at the venue?"


      Chen Duoduo nodded: "It's all done, so when you arrive tomorrow, you can rehearse directly."


      "That's good!" Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief and said with a serious face, "I've been to so many concerts before. Not once have I been as nervous as I am now, this concert must not go wrong in any way."


      Chen Duoduo remembered the matter of Fitz, so he said, "Right, Stephanie, there is something I need to report to you."


      "Go ahead."


      Chen Duoduo then said, "That Fitz, in private, bribed someone from the executive company to change all the lighting and sound equipment for the concert."


      "What?!" Stephanie instantly questioned angrily, "What gives that Fitz the right to do that? What right does he have? You must hurry up and contact someone, no matter what method you use, you must change all the equipment back for me before the show!"


      Chen Duoduo hurriedly reassured, "Stephanie, don't worry, the equipment is like this, although the whole thing has been replaced, it hasn't been reduced. Nor was there any malicious damage, instead he personally paid to rent the best stage equipment currently available from the United States."


      Saying that, Chen Duo Duo's tone was already a little excited and said excitedly, "Our lighting and sound engineers have already done the joint tuning of the equipment today, and the effect is really, really great! To be honest, I've never seen a concert with such a high configuration, even Michael Jackson's concerts during his lifetime couldn't reach such heights in terms of hardware. When the time comes, the stage effect will be particularly explosive!"


      When Stephanie heard this, although she was relieved, she was still more or less uncomfortable in her heart.


      She said sullenly, "This Fitz is too broad-minded, this is my concert for brother Charlie, there's no need for him to offer his attention at all!"


      She hurriedly added, "Right, Duo Duo, have someone calculate for me how much it will cost for him to rent the equipment, and after the concert is over, I'll pay him back every penny!"


      Chen Duoduo said, "Why bother, Stephanie, Fitz is willing to rush to get the equipment, so let him do it, why should we give him the money?"


      "That's not the same!" Stephanie said, "This concert is for brother Charlie, if he needs to spend money to upgrade the equipment, then this concert is not pure enough in my mind, it can even be said to be a failure, a blemish! I don't want to take advantage of him and leave myself with such a big regret just to take advantage of him. Besides, it's not like I don't have money, even if he spent a hundred million on upgrading his equipment, I could still afford it."


      "That's not so bad." Chen Duo Duo said, "I heard from the sound engineer that it would probably cost an extra twenty million or so."


    Stephanie immediately said, "Then let's give him thirty million after the concert!"


      Chen Duoduo said, "Give him this time, but you still have to think about what we'll do if he does it again next time. After all, you've got quite a lot of concerts this time."


      "It's fine." Stephanie said confidently, "Don't worry, after this concert, he will definitely stop pestering me."