Amazing Son-in-law 3018 Charlie

 Chen Duo Duo looked at Fitz and said seriously, "Young Master Banks, this matter is not just a matter of good or bad performance, the fundamental principle is that we should each do our own job in the cooperation, do our own job well, and at the same time give enough respect to others, it is indeed very inappropriate for you to interfere with our work so directly, if Stephanie knew about it, she would definitely be very angry!!"


      I want to ask him why they are collaborating with others to make major changes to our project without our knowledge!" The assistant said hastily, "Get the head of the execution company over here.


      The assistant hurriedly said, "Yes, Sister Duo Duo, I'll go and find him!"


      Fitz hurriedly stopped her and then said to Chen Duo Duo, "Hey Duo Duo, we are all trying to make this concert perfect, so there is no need for you to get so far ahead of yourself in this matter, right? Besides, I paid for the execution company, but they also did their best work in terms of quality and quantity, so you can have someone try out the lighting and sound effects first, as long as the results are higher than the previous set, it proves that all this work was not done in vain."


      The first thing you can do is to have someone try out the lighting and sound first, as long as the results are higher than the previous set, it proves that the work was not in vain." said Fitz and continued, "Moreover, the lighting and sound equipment is operated by you professionals, whether Miss Stephanie comes to the rehearsal or performance, what she focuses on is the performance effect, not the brand of the lighting and sound equipment. If she finds out that the show seems to be working exceptionally well, she'll be more than happy. After the show, I'll personally apologize to her, and I definitely won't let you take the blame then.


      In her heart, Chen Duo Duo understood Fitz's intentions too well.


      He was just trying to please Stephanie by doing this.


      What about apologising to her personally after the show?


      It should be an invitation to take credit, right?


      At this time, Fitz said, "Duo Duo, tomorrow Miss Stephanie will come to the rehearsal and the concert will officially start the night after tomorrow, now that the set has been set up, temporary replacement is definitely impossible, so I'll ask you to do me a favour this time, I promise that it will only be this time and there won't be another time."


      Chen Duo Duo thought about it and felt that Fitz was indeed right, for a concert of tens of thousands of people, it would take a few days just to set up the on-site equipment, and even longer to transport the equipment, now it was simply impossible to change back to the hardware equipment of the original plan, it seemed that the only way to do it was to make a mistake.


      Thinking of this, she had no choice but to instruct the lighting and sound engineers, "You two work hard today, test all the equipment, see if this new set of equipment can be perfectly compatible with our previous scheme, if it can, the best, but if not, then hurry up and fix it, even if you have to stay up all night, we must make sure that everything is done tomorrow!"


      The two men agreed without hesitation, and then immediately went to work.


      Fitz, who was at the side, sighed with relief and gave Chen Duo Duo a hug, saying gratefully, "Duo Duo, thank you so much this time."


      Looking at his pious face, Chen Duo Duo secretly sighed in his heart, "This Fitz, who has gone to such great lengths for Stephanie's concert, will he have an emotional breakdown and die suddenly on the spot when he sees the surprise Stephanie has carefully prepared for Charlie wade after the concert starts?"