Amazing Son-in-law 3017 Charlie

 The helpless Chen Duoduo had no choice but to open the box at Stephanie's request and take out the item that Stephanie had been longing for.


    Stephanie looked at the video for a long time and was relieved to see that there was nothing wrong with it, and instructed, "Duoduo, you must put the treasure away for me, don't make any mistakes."


      "Don't worry." Chen Duoduo said, "I'd rather I make a mistake than let it out, satisfied?"


      "Hee hee!" Stephanie smiled happily with her hands on her chin, pretending to be a flower, "Duoduo is the best! I love you!"


      "No, don't love me!" Chen Duoduo grunted with disgust, "You'd better love your brother Charlie!"


    Stephanie said seriously, "That's right hey! How can I say those two words to you when it's obvious that only Charlie is worthy!"


      Chen Duo Duo said in exasperation, "Stephanie! You little white-eyed wolf who forgets her friends! I've been so nice to you!"


    Stephanie spat out her tongue and made a face, "I have to get up now. ...... I'm not going to talk to you, bye!"


      After saying that, she hurriedly hung up the call.


      Chen Duoduo shook his head helplessly and put Stephanie's baby away properly before hurrying out of the room and gathering with the other team members before heading to the venue for acceptance.


    Fitz naturally accompanied him all the way.


      The convoy carried Stephanie's team to the Olympic Centre venue, where the entire show was already fully set up.


      The vans arranged by Fitz had already brought the equipment the team had brought from Eastcliff to the venue.


      Once inside the venue, Chen Duoduo immediately instructed the people around him, "Everyone hurry up and move in their own way, those in charge of the stage section should check and accept all the hardware and equipment, focusing on the lifts, to make sure everything is in order."


      "In addition, the lighting technician hurried to connect the computer, test the lighting effect on site, and check one by one to see if there is any equipment damage or hidden problems;"


      "Sound engineer, please adjust the sound equipment, also check the status of the equipment one by one, by the way, check the sound field again, make sure that every audience in the arena is in the best state of hearing."


      Fitz, who was following beside him, heard Chen Duo Duo's words and hurriedly said to Chen Duo Duo, "Duo Duo, for this concert, I specifically asked a friend to get a batch of very good lighting and sound equipment from the United States, because this batch of equipment is really rare, so I took the initiative and asked the executive company to replace the whole package without informing you, so please forgive me. "


      When Chen Duoduo heard that the equipment had been changed, he immediately pulled a face, a little nervous and a little angry, "Young Master Banks, if I remember correctly, our cooperation with you is limited to you naming this concert, and we donate to charity together with you, how can you change our lighting and sound equipment plan without permission? For a show of this magnitude, all the lighting and sound follows our entire performance programme, even every light on the stage and how it should be lit at every second of every song are all preset within our performance programme, so if you make such arbitrary changes, the stage effect will be greatly reduced in case it cannot match our original programme!


      Fitz hurriedly explained, "Duo, please take it easy. I know I have no right to make any changes to the execution plan of your show, but I am doing this out of good intentions. "


      Said here, Fitz assured: "But Duo Duo, you can rest assured, I have specially invited the best lighting and sound engineers from the United States this time, by them and your original executive team to interface, the equipment is also completely optimized according to your previous program plan, so the performance effect you can feel free to rest assured, only enhance, never compromise. "