Amazing Son-in-law 3016 Charlie

 Fitz saw here, immediately laughed out loud, said: "I think this Zhong Tianyu study is false, no face to continue to stay in the entertainment industry is true, yesterday's pick-up video is still the first hot search, the Internet is full of overwhelming mockery, if it were me, certainly no face to continue to stay in this circle."


      Chen Duo Duo smiled politely and didn't say much.


      However, she was surprised at Charlie wade's tactics in her heart.


      The strength of Zhong Tianyu's family, although not as strong as the top dude like Fitz, but in the country, can be considered in the first echelon.


      Even Fitz, I'm afraid he wouldn't dare to lay such a cruel hand on him, but Charlie wade seems to care nothing about this, a rich second-generation star, career is just red, but just arrived in Aurous Hill, a good future was buried by Charlie wade dug a pit, such ruthless means, never seen in this circle in the past.




      When the caravan drove to the entrance of Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace, Fitz opened his mouth and said to Chen Duoduo, "Duoduo, you have already booked the room, right?"


      "Yes." Chen Duoduo nodded, "It's already booked in advance."


      Fitz was relieved, so he said, "Then I won't send you in, anyway, you have to go to the venue after you put your luggage down, I'll wait for you in the car, later you can come out directly, I'll send you to the venue."


      Chen Duo Duo did not think much about it, so he said, "Then thank you, Young Master Banks, I'll let everyone go as soon as possible."


      Saying that, Chen Duo Duo pushed the door and got off.


      Fitz also hurriedly came down, first helped Chen Duo Duo take out the suitcase, and after taking her to help the crowd go in for check-in, he hurriedly rejoined the car.


      Sitting in the car, Fitz's heart was somewhat nervous.


      He knew that his father Zayne had disappeared after quietly staying at Buckingham Palace(Shangri la), so he did not want to step into Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace until it was absolutely necessary.


      After Chen Duoduo finished the check-in procedure, she took her personal luggage and went to the reserved room.


      She and Stephanie have a good personal relationship, so the two of them are going to stay in the same luxury suite this time, so that they can take care of each other when they go out to work.


      After Chen Duoduo arrived at the room, she put down her luggage and sent a video call to Stephanie.


      The video was quickly connected, and Stephanie on the other end of the line was lazily lying on the bed, lazily asking, "Duoduo, have you arrived in Aurous Hill yet?"


      Chen Duoduo replied, "I'm all the way to the hotel."


      After saying that, switched the camera to take a round of the hotel's environment.


    Stephanie asked, "Have you seen brother Charlie?"


      Chen Duo Duo skimmed: "I went to see him where oh! But I did see Fitz, he picked us up at the airport."


    Stephanie could not help but frown: "Why did he go?"


      Chen Duoduo said: "Nothing to offer, must be drunken, and also has been asking me about your specific time to arrive, I guess he wants to pick you up at the airport."


    Stephanie said off the cuff: "I don't want him to pick up! When brother Charlie is going to pick me up at the airport, this Fitz don't come to give me trouble! Otherwise I will not spare him!"


      Chen Duo Duo helplessly said, "Brother Charlie, brother Charlie, you just know your brother Charlie, and I don't know what this guy who betrayed his marriage contract has that is worthy of your fascination!"


    Stephanie grunted: "You are not me, what can you know! By the way, did you get my baby safely?"


      Chen Duoduo said perfunctorily with resentment: "Yes! Got it! Yes!"


      After saying that, the camera pointed at the suitcasaid, "Well, it's in the suitcase!"


    Stephanie could not wait to say: "Quickly open let me check, there must not be any slip-ups!"