Amazing Son-in-law 3015 Charlie

 At this time, in the Rolls-Royce convoy of the head car.


      Fitz sat beside Chen Duo Duo and said with a smile, "Duo Duo, I have taken a lot of advertising space in Aurous Hill during this period of time, and have already started rolling Miss Stephanie's concert promotion posters 24 hours a day, later on this way into the city, you can see at least twenty to thirty advertising resources."


      Chen Duo Duo asked with some confusion, "Young Master Banks, Stephanie's concert tickets seem to have been sold out long ago, you are still doing so much landing promotion, a bit of a waste, right?"


    Fitz smiled and said with a serious face, "Creating momentum! Although the carrying capacity of the concert has reached the upper limit, but that is only 30,000 to 50,000 people after all, our Aurous Hill resident population is almost 10 million, if we can cover the rest of these people, it will also be a great boost to Miss Stephanie's popularity, don't you think so?"


      Chen Duo Duo slightly embarrassed smile: "To be honest Banks young master, from the major websites big hit list, as well as search engine search index can be seen, Stephanie's influence is now one of the highest in the domestic stars, there is no one, so our operating ideas, long ago, we are not concerned about creating momentum, on the contrary, we have been deliberately not to create momentum, circumventing the creation of ......"


      "Why?" Fitz asked in surprise: "Nowadays, stars are competing for traffic day and night, the cost of traffic in the entertainment industry is getting more and more expensive, many stars are smashing pots and pans to create momentum for themselves, how come you are still doing the opposite?"


      Chen Duo Duo seriously explained, "This is the meaning of Stephanie, she feels that excessive momentum building, on the one hand, is a waste, on the other hand, it also encroaches on the public resources."


      Saying that, Chen Duoduo added: "Stephanie thinks that the exposure of the entertainment circle is limited after all, it's just a matter of this and that, this and that, if she alone gathers too much traffic, the traffic of others in the entertainment circle will be constantly diluted by her, and this is not fair to others."


      Fitz listened, his heart was a bit drummed, so he asked in a low voice: "Duo Duo, if I get these advertising spaces, when Miss Stephanie sees it later, she won't be unhappy, right?"


      Chen Duo Duo smiled: "I can't say this."


      Fitz nodded thoughtfully, thinking: "So many advertising spaces did not spend a lot of money, if it backfired, would not it be a coincidence?"


      Thinking of this, he asked in passing, "Right Duo Duo, when will Miss Stephanie herself come over?"


      Chen Duoduo cautiously replied, "I'm really not sure about this, Stephanie still has work in Eastcliff, she can only come over after her work is over, and she usually travels by private jet, the time is uncertain."


      Fitz nodded gently and said with a smile, "If you need to pick up the plane, you can tell me in advance, I'll come and pick her up then."


      Chen Duo Duo promised and said, "I'll pass it on to Stephanie later."


      "Good!" Fitz smiled faintly and said, "Right, Duo Duo, I heard that Zhong Tianyu came to Aurous Hill yesterday and just got off the plane and was set up, do you know who did it?"


      Chen Duo Duo said, "I really don't know about this."


      In fact, although Chen Duoduo was really not clear about the details, she basically guessed that this matter should be Charlie wade's work.


      Therefore, she subconsciously looked at Fitz, and felt more or less sympathy for him.


      Chen Duo Duo knew that Fitz had gone to such lengths to pursue Stephanie.


      But Chen Duo Duo knows that Stephanie has no one in her eyes but Charlie wade, and even if Fitz tries to please Stephanie, Stephanie will never give him a second glance.


      Therefore, she already knew that no matter how hard Fitz tried, the only thing waiting for him was failure, there was absolutely no second possibility.


    As we were talking, Chen Duo's phone suddenly received a tweet..


      She took out her phone and looked at it, it was a news item, the headline on it clearly read "Zhong Tianyu agency released an announcement at 7:30 this morning: Zhong Tianyu announced his complete withdrawal from the entertainment industry and will go overseas for further studies in the coming days!


      Chen Duo Duo immediately exclaimed, and then hurriedly clicked on it to check the details.


      Fitz also hurriedly came over to find out what was going on.


      In the details of this report, Zhong Tianyu's agency claims that after careful consideration, Zhong Tianyu believes that he is not suitable to continue to stay in the entertainment industry, so he still wants to focus on his studies and go abroad to study for a master's degree in business administration to prepare for his future succession to the family business, so he has decided to quit the entertainment industry permanently.