Amazing Son-in-law 3012 Charlie

 I sent her father, Zayne, to Syria for several irrefutable reasons, the first being that Zayne had indeed organized the Anti-wade Alliance and had a grudge against my father; the second being that Zayne himself was worse than a beast, aiding and abetting the enemy, and indirectly causing his two daughters to be in danger; and the third being that Zayne, as a human father, not only watched indifferently as his daughters were in danger, but even wagged his tail around Lord Banks like a dog. Zayne, as a father, not only watched his daughters in danger without doing anything, but even surrounded Lord Banks like a dog wagging his tail and begging for mercy; this kind of person, I sent him to Syria, and Su Zhiyu knew that he deserved it."


      Saying that, Charlie added, "However, if I throw Fitz to Syria now as well, she will definitely not be able to accept it, and there is no reasonable reason for me to do this, it doesn't stand up to reason or sense."


      "Okay." Isaac Cameron said somewhat ruefully, "Actually, I just think that this guy is really annoying to Miss Stephanie with ill intentions, but don't worry young master, I will definitely keep an eye on him, if he dares to do anything demonic, just one word from you, I will immediately put him under control."


    Charlie smiled and instructed, "Tomorrow Stephanie's team will come over, if there is anything you need to help, you must do your best."


      Isaac Cameron immediately stated, "Young Master, don't worry, in my heart, Miss Stephanie's priority is second only to yours!"




      Early the next morning, two business planes landed at Aurous Hill Airport fifteen minutes apart, one after the other.


      It is still very rare in Aurous Hill to have planes landing early in the morning, because most planes worth flying for their first flight take off from the airport first thing in the morning, so there are many planes leaving the airport early in the morning, and almost no planes coming in.


      The two business jets, one from the north and the other from the distant southwest Indian Ocean, flew through the night to arrive.


      The plane from the north is full of Stephanie's agency team, who will start this morning to inspect and make final adjustments to the concert venue and the sound and dance equipment, in preparation for Stephanie's dress rehearsal tomorrow.


      In the business jet from the Indian Ocean, apart from the flight attendants, there was only one passenger, and that passenger was Zara.


      Zara left for the Maldives yesterday to go through the change of ownership of the island with Banks Anshun, and after the formalities were completed, she flew back without stopping.


      When Zara's business jet came to a stop, the dozens of Stephanie's team members on the one in front of her had already left on the airport ferry.


      Zara got into one of the SUVs prepared by the airport and headed to the business jet terminal.


      When Zara finished the customs formalities and walked out from the passage, she met the members of Stephanie's team in the luggage area to collect their luggage.


      Seeing these people's large bags of luggage and various professional airline cases, Zara subconsciously took a few more glances at them and then guessed the origin of these people, knowing that they must be Stephanie's team.


      However, Zara didn't think much of it, so she planned to bypass them and head for the exit, then go to the parking building to get her car and go home.


      Unexpectedly, a familiar man appeared in her field of vision at this time, and this man was none other than her brother, Fitz.


      At this moment, Fitz ran in quickly from outside and came directly to a female leader of Stephanie's team, smiling attentively, "Aiya Duo Duo! You've had a long journey on such an early flight, haven't you?"


      Chen Duoduo smiled slightly awkwardly and asked in surprise, "Why did Young Master Banks come to the airport so early?"


      Fitz said, "Harm! I was afraid that the journey would be too hard for you, so I thought I would bring a convoy to pick you up, the convoy is waiting outside and can take you to the hotel anytime!"