Amazing Son-in-law 3011 Charlie

 Hearing this, Don Albert was inwardly grateful beyond measure.


      In the early years, it was relatively easy for Don Albert to make money, relying on his special attributes and various connections, and then playing around, he was able to make a good amount of money every year.


      However, in the past few years, Don Albert has gradually cleaned up his act, and many things that used to be very lucrative are now no longer touched, so his income has plummeted.


      However, he has many disciples under him, and the cost of feeding these people with their usual human food has not decreased because of the decline in income; on the contrary, as prices continue to climb and per capita income continues to rise, their costs are also rising.


      Therefore, in these few years, although Don Albert is superficially glamorous, it has been in a state of strapped for cash.


    Charlie suddenly took the initiative to give him all of the future Ocean Shipping Group's supplies supply business, which contained huge profits and was like a blessing in snow to him.


      Moved, Don Albert couldn't help but bow and say, "Thank you, Master wade, for your generosity!"


    Charlie nodded and smiled, "There is no need to be so polite between you and me."


      After saying that, Charlie added, "I will give you He Zhiqiu(Ziva)'s contact information later, so you can talk to her directly for future business matching."


      Then, Charlie remembered something and said, "Oh yes, in the future, I believe we will have to deal with some local people on the docks, and there will be countless local snakes in such places. The profit margin should be considerable, and then I will arrange one or two more experts from the He family for you to sit on."


      Don Albert hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Master wade, I will do my utmost to ensure the normal operation of the pier!"


      "Good!" Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said, "In that case, then you should go back and hurry up with your planning, ask more advice from He Zhiqiu(Ziva) to see what all preparations have to be made, and do your homework well in advance."


      After saying that, Charlie looked at the time, stretched his back and said to Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, "Okay, that's it for today, you two have also worked hard, in two days is the Stephanie's concert, these two days will be hard for you guys to pay more attention to the situation in Aurous Hill, both inside and outside, if there are still any ill-intentioned demon moths running over, just tell me in time. "


      Isaac Cameron said, "Young master, that Fitz of the Banks family has been working very hard for Miss Stephanie's concert recently, and he came to me specifically to buy the biggest billboard here. "


    Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Fitz must have a crush on his girl, as the saying goes, it's not wrong for a gentleman to like his girl.


    Cameron said seriously, "Young master, I think that Fitz will definitely be a scourge in the future, so instead of letting him go on like this, it would be better to do something about it sooner rather than later."


      He said, "Young master, why don't we send him to Syria as well, so that he can be a companion to his old man."


    Charlie laughed, "Are you addicted to sending people to Syria?"


    Isaac Cameron laughed, "Not really, but I think that boy's motives for Miss Stephanie are not pure, so I want to get him to Syria once and for all."


    Charlie waved his hand, "I'm working with Zara now, and I'm sending her brother to Syria before this cooperation has even begun.


      Isaac Cameron said, "Young master, you sent her father to Syria, didn't she say nothing?"