Amazing Son-in-law 3010 Charlie

 Albert said smilingly, "I have a fishing company in Feng County, which is about two hundred kilometres from Aurous Hill, and it has been managed by a few of my junior brothers. They happen to have two fishing boats, ready to go to the South China Sea today, the few boats in my fishing company's hands are medium-sized fishing boats, this kind of boats have limited tonnage, so they can't go too far, they usually just operate near the South China Sea, the time for one sea operation, round trip are counted, about a month, they are loading supplies now, tomorrow morning at eight o'clock on time."


    Charlie reckoned. With the resources in Zara's hands, in a month's time, the ocean shipping business that he had joint ventured with her should also be able to run. By then, this Zhong Tianyu would be transferred to the cargo ship.


      But if it didn't run within a month, he would simply let him follow the fishing vessel for a few more trips.


      So he nodded, "Okay, let's go with this one!"


      When Zhong Tianyu heard this, his eyes went black.


      "Setting sail early tomorrow morning?! That's too sudden, isn't it?"


      Just as he thought of this, he heard Charlie speak, "It's a bit late to set sail tomorrow morning, since it's your company, then you tell your brothers to work a bit harder to speed up. Try to have the supplies loaded by eight o'clock this evening and then set off early, it doesn't matter if you can be a little slower on the way, the important thing is to get Young Master Zhong on board early first."


      Zhong Tianyu wanted to die.


      However, Albert smiled and said, "No problem Master wade. It's a matter of one phone call from me!"


    Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said to Isaac Cameron, "Old Cameron, then arrange for a helicopter to send the man directly there, and put him on the ship directly upon landing, without delay."


  Isaac Cameron immediately said, "Yes young master!"


      Afterwards, Isaac Cameron immediately asked Don Albert for the address, after Don Albert had communicated with his men there. After Don Albert communicated with his men there, he had several of his men take a helicopter and send Zhong Tianyu, who was crying, to Feng County on the coast.


      After Zhong Tianyu was taken away, Charlie looked at Don Albert. After Zhong Tianyu was taken away, Charlie looked at Don Albert and asked with a smile, "Don Albert, why do you still have a fishing company in your hands? I haven't heard you say anything about it before!"


    Don Albert said, "Harm, you don't know, Master wade, we are the kind of people who make money from the wrong side, basically we can do anything, I didn't go to school, and I don't know too much about the way of business, so I like to invest in this kind of simple and direct business."


      I have a friend who has good relations with the local maritime authorities, so I registered a company, rented five or six fishing boats, and sent a few of my boys to manage them, which basically netted me a couple of million a year. With a few more businesses like this, the income can come up a bit."


      For Don Albert, he doesn't have any business that he can make bigger and stronger with just one business.


      After all, he had no core competency, so he could only earn a couple of million here and a couple of million there. After making a million or two there, he could not only feed more people, but also make more profit in his hands. Then little by little, it rolled bigger and bigger.


    Charlie nodded with understanding and also intended to pull Don Albert's strings in the business, so he said with a smile, "If you're interested, after the ocean shipping business starts, the supporting supply procurement business will be left to you."


      "As far as I know, every ocean shipping cargo tanker has to prepare a large amount of various supplies before setting sail, so instead of leaving this business to outsiders, it would be better to leave it to someone familiar and trusted."


      Hearing this, Don Albert's whole person was already excited, but still a little worried, he said, "Master wade, I'm afraid that it would be bad if I'm not competent enough and hold you back ......"


    Charlie waved his hand and said, "As long as you put your heart and soul into it, you definitely won't drag your feet. When the time comes, you should go to Haicheng and register a company, complete the relevant qualifications, and arrange for a capable and reliable man to keep an eye on it. When my side of the business is up and running, you can conservatively estimate that your side can earn tens of millions a year."