Amazing Son-in-law 3009 Charlie

 As soon as Zhong Clint heard this, he was immediately embarrassed to the point of goosebumps at the other end of the phone.


      Then, he hurriedly denied, "Young Master wade you misunderstood, your aunt and I are really just old classmates as well as good friends, there is absolutely nothing inappropriate about it ......"


    Christine had not yet divorced his original spouse, Zhong Clint naturally did not dare to expose their relationship, otherwise if word really got out, then not only would he and Christine be disgraced. The wade family will definitely force Christine to cut off all contact with himself in order to save face.


      Even if Christine really loved him and insisted on marrying him, the wade family would not be able to agree because they could not afford to lose face.


      In that case, he and Christine would never be able to get together in a fair and square manner in their lifetime.


      If he did it the hard way, he was afraid that Christine would anger Master wade, and he might not get even a tiny bit of his inheritance in the end.


      Therefore, Zhong Clint knew very well in his heart that he had to keep this secret, or at least announce it to the public only after Master wade had passed away and Christine had officially divorced her original spouse.


      When Charlie saw his panicked denial, his heart had long since sat on the fact that he and Christine were related. To Charlie, he had long since developed the ability to analyse things logically. If something seemed perverse, there must be a deep-seated condition for it to be established, such as the case of Christine, who had been detained by Charlie in Aurous Hill, but was so unforgiving in her mouth, screaming all sorts of things in her rented house day and night, that Don Albert had to pay for all the neighbours living around her to move out temporarily.


      With her character of disobedience and resentment, how could she be willing to lose face to anyone? How could she be willing to throw away her face and plead for the son of an old classmate?


      She hadn't even gone out of her way to plead for herself in the first place.


      So, on the surface, Christine's behaviour this time is very abnormal and seems to be extremely inconsistent with Christine's character.


      But the more this happens, the more it means that Zhong Clint has a very high status in Christine's mind and is very important to her.


      A woman who is nearly 50 years old, who has been separated from her original husband for several years, and who at the same time attaches great importance to another man, no matter how this question is solved, the final result is three words: "extramarital affair".


      However, Charlie didn't say anything more, but smiled blandly, "It seems that I was thinking too much."


      After saying that, he looked at the time and spoke, "Alright, without further ado, I'll have someone arrange for a fishing boat that operates offshore in a moment, so that your son can get on board and experience it first. When the ocean-going cargo ship on my side is ready, he can come back and board it."


      Zhong Clint was heartbroken for a while, but he could only sigh and say, "Then I'll be grateful to Young Master wade for taking more care of him ......"


      At this moment, Zhong Tianyu's heart was already dead deep inside.


      He couldn't imagine that he was a top stream star in the singing world a few hours ago, and a few hours later, he was reduced to Charlie's subordinate prisoner.


      And according to Charlie, he could not even stay in Aurous Hill for a few days, he would immediately be sent to a fishing boat to experience life first.


      Other than that, the fishing boat's tonnage is small, so it will definitely sway more in the sea, and there must be a fishy smell everywhere, so the conditions must be as tough as they can be.


      However, he was alone and isolated in Aurous Hill at this time, so he really did not dare to shout even one word to Charlie, and could only shed tears and suffer in silence.


      As a local snake, Don Albert soon found a suitable fishing boat for Zhong Tianyu.


      After making a phone call, Albert came back and said to Charlie with great enthusiasm, "Master wade. You don't say, this Zhong Tianyu really has good luck."


      When Zhong Tianyu heard this, his heart suddenly rose with a wave of good expectations, thinking, "Is it possible that they can't find suitable fishing boat resources, so that I don't have to experience life on a fishing boat first?"


      At this moment. Charlie was also curious and asked Albert, "What do you mean?"