Amazing Son-in-law 3006 Charlie

 Zhong Clint's entire body was completely stunned.


      He could not be more clear about what kind of person Christine was. If Christine had suffered such a big loss under Charlie's hands, it was proof enough that this Charlie wade was definitely not a good fighter. And he must be a tough bone that could not be gnawed!


      If even Christine wade couldn't gnaw on it, then he himself must have had a hard time too.


      Hearing Christine's cries on the other end of the phone, he hurriedly said, "Christine, why didn't you tell me about this earlier?"


    Christine sighed and said helplessly, "What's the use of telling you this? Even I can't afford to mess with Charlie wade, can I still let you go and get yourself killed by him?"


      Zhong Clint said with some embarrassment, "You ...... you are still considered my woman anyhow. If you say something, I'm definitely willing to go through fire and water for you!"


    Christine smiled: "You have this heart I will be satisfied, but I Christine live so many years. I can still see who can and can't be messed with."


      I used to think, just like you, that Charlie was just a wade family member who had fallen away from home for many years. He doesn't take anyone into his eyes."


      Immediately afterwards, Christine added, "Moreover. Charlie is not only very strong himself and has deep roots in Aurous Hill, but more importantly. His backers are not only the wade family, but also the entire Gu(Sun) family! It can even be said that the Gu(Sun) family supports him. It's much more resolute than my father."


      "The Gu(Sun) family?!" Zhong Clint asked offhandedly, "Why is the Gu(Sun) family so supportive of him?"


    Christine asked rhetorically, "Lord Orrin and my second brother are sworn brothers, and the two children had a marriage contract some years ago, don't you know about this?"


      Zhong Clint said awkwardly, "It was twenty years ago, how can I remember so clearly ......"


    Christine said helplessly, "Some time ago Lord Orrin was dying of pancreatic cancer, you should know about it, right?"


      "I know." Zhong Clint spoke up, "I heard that somehow he got well again? It's pretty f*cking unbelievable!"


    Christine gave a hint and said indifferently, "Charlie wade cured him."


      "Charlie wade?!" Zhong Clint's jaw dropped as he blurted out, "Isn't pancreatic cancer known as the king of cancer? Even Steve Jobs in the US couldn't cure it, so how did he cure it? That's a bit counter-intuitive!"


    Christine laughed, "Oh, I don't know how he cured it, but he did, so not only is he Lord Orrin's saviour, he is also the only son-in-law Lord Orrin has in mind.


      Zhong Clint was really convinced this time.


      He finally knew that the Charlie wade his son had provoked was a combination of three forces.


    Charlie wade himself was a faction of his own, with the support of the wade family and the Gu(Sun) family behind him. Under such circumstances, I was afraid that there were not many people in the country who could mess with the others, let alone himself.


      Thinking of this, he was inwardly disillusioned.


      In that case, it seemed that he could not save his son.


      After thinking about it, he gradually went from struggling and torn to giving up naturally, and then he asked Christine, "Christine, can you do me a favour?"


    Christine then said, "Go ahead."


      Zhong Clint spoke, "Please talk to that nephew of yours and let me talk to Tianyu on the phone ......"