Amazing Son-in-law 3005 Charlie

 Lord Wade's words made Zhong Clint very unhappy deep inside.


      In his opinion, Lord Wade's words were clearly protecting his calf.


      He had approached him in the hope that he could give him face and help him put in a good word with Charlie to see if this matter could be made smaller and more trivial.


      However, he never expected that Lord wade would directly tell him that he could not afford to mess with his grandson!


      This is too much of a bully!


      Lord wade seemed to have guessed what he was thinking. He said seriously, "Little Zhong, I know you must think that I am protecting Charlie wade in disguise, but let me tell you honestly, although Charlie wade is my grandson no doubt, even if I and the entire wade family did not interfere at all, you would not be a match for him at all."


      Zhong Clint naturally didn't believe it, and when he heard this, he couldn't help but feel a burst of anger inside, and his tone of voice rushed a few points. In a cold voice, he said, "I, Zhong Clint, am not a man who is afraid of what he wants, and I am not a man who lets people just ride his neck and sh*t on him! If Uncle wade and the wade family can really not interfere at all, I would like to weigh up with that Charlie wade and see whose wrist is tougher!"


      Lord wade sighed and said, "If you really want to arm wrestle with Charlie wade, I won't stop you. I can also promise you that I will never interfere, but if you lose with Charlie, you will most likely not be able to regain your personal freedom in the next few years.


      Zhong Clint was at a loss for words.


      As he listened to Lord Wade's tone, he suddenly felt that Lord wade did not seem to be protecting his calf.


      However, if he really let his son be detained and sent to work as a seafarer for three years for no reason, he could not just accept such an outcome openly.


      But... He also felt that if he really went to fight with Charlie wade, in case he lost, just like Lord wade said, his other half-siblings would all rush up and grab his resources.


      Combined with what Christine had just said, he gradually felt that neither Christine nor Lord wade seemed to be lying to him.


      In this instant, a few more retreats sprang up in his heart.


      Immediately, he called Christine again, and once the call was made, he asked in a deep voice, "Christine, tell me the truth, how difficult is that nephew of yours to deal with?"


    Christine pondered for a moment. Sighing, he said, "During the New Year, I was not in Eastcliff for more than half a month, you still remember, right?"


      "Remember." Zhong Clint spoke, "During that time, I always suspected that you had someone else outside. When I asked you to meet me, you said you weren't in Eastcliff, you wouldn't tell me where you were, and you never answered my video calls to you."


    Christine said glumly, "I wasn't going to tell you about this because it was too humiliating. But since we've come to this point, I won't hide it from you."


      Speaking of this, Christine paused, took a deep breath and said frankly, "In fact, during that time, I was in Aurous Hill."


      "You were in Aurous Hill at that time?" Zhong Clint hurriedly pursued, "Were you at that nephew of yours?"


    Christine said quietly, "I was imprisoned by him inside the slum ......"


      "What?!" Zhong Clint asked in horror, "You were imprisoned by him? Why?! You're his aunt!"


    Christine said resentfully, "I'm afraid that this aunt of mine is no better than a fart in his eyes."


      Saying that, Christine could not help but choke up as she remembered the hardship she had suffered back then. She said, "That time when I went to Aurous Hill, even Charlie Wade's men were able to slap me wantonly, when in my life have I ever suffered such an indignity? And. For that half month or so, I had to live in a shanty town with a rent of a few hundred dollars a month, with a man watching, not being able to go out, not being able to shop online, and having to eat according to the local minimum living standard, it was like a purgatory on earth ......"