Amazing Son-in-law 3001 Charlie

  Charlie gave a hmph, "Yes, he is now being held by my people, what's wrong?"


    Stephanie was busy saying, "Brother Charlie, but can I ask you for one thing?"


    Charlie then said, "Why are you still so polite with me? Say it, as long as I can do it, I will definitely grant you!"


      When Zhong Tianyu heard this, deep inside his heart, he instantly became excited, and he thought to himself, "Could it be that ...... could it be that Stephanie is going to plead on my behalf?! In that case, I am still very important in her mind, even though I am a bit stupid!"


      "And ...... this Charlie actually said that he would definitely promise Stephanie as long as he could do it, so if Stephanie really begged him to let me go, wouldn't I be able to regain my freedom?!"


      Just when he was excited in his heart because he saw hope and found warmth, Stephanie spoke up, "Brother Charlie, I want to beg you to hold him for me for a few more days, preferably until the end of my concert, I really don't want him to come as my concert guest at all! If he can't come, then I'll really be thanking the heavens!"

When Zhong Tianyu heard this, the fire of hope that had just erupted deep inside his heart was instantly and completely doused!


      He had never dreamed that the reversal of this matter would be so great!


      He had never dreamed that Stephanie could have let Charlie spare him with just one word, but she wanted him to be locked up for a few more days!


      "Could it be that she despises me so much?!"


      "Could it be that she doesn't want me to appear at her concert that much?!"


      Hearing Stephanie's request, Charlie said, slightly embarrassed, "Stephanie, I forgot to tell you just now, Zhong Tianyu is right in front of me."