Amazing Son-in-law 2999 Charlie

    If he had known that this was the current situation, he would not have come to Aurous Hill if he had been beaten to death.


      If he had known that two years would really turn into three years, he would have made his choice in the first place.


      However, there was no pill for regret in this world.


      In order not to continue to expand his losses, he had to choke down a sob and nod his head, "Yes! I'll choose the first one!"


    Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Good, in that case, then it will be hard for you to stay in Aurous Hill for a few days first, and when my ocean shipping company opens, I will arrange a route that is most suitable for you at the first opportunity, and then you can get on board."


      Zhong Tianyu cried and begged, "Charlie wade, can you please let me attend Stephanie's concert in Aurous Hill as usual, I am her special guest, all the fans in the country are waiting to see me at the concert ......"


    Charlie sneered, "Still thinking about the concert? Let me tell you, from now on, until the end of the three years, you will not have any chance to appear in front of the public eye again, even if you get on board, I will still arrange people to keep an eye on you, not allowing you to show your face or have any chance to communicate with the outside world!"


      Zhong Tianyu instantly collapsed.


      He had planned this concert for a long time and had made a lot of preparations, which included confessing his love to Stephanie with a song on the spot.


      Originally, he had felt that he had a great chance of winning Stephanie's heart through this concert, but if Charlie wade did not allow him to attend the concert, then wouldn't all his preparations have gone down the drain?


      If he couldn't see Stephanie, if he came back three years later, Stephanie might have already married someone ......


      He crawled on his knees to Charlie and was about to open his mouth to plead with him, when Charlie's phone suddenly rang and someone sent him a request for a WeChat video call.


    Charlie unlocked his phone and the person who sent the video call was, surprisingly, Stephanie.


      So, he smoothly clicked accept and soon, Stephanie's exquisite and beautiful face appeared in the video, she asked with a happy smile on her face, "Brother Charlie, I just saw a video on the internet of Zhong Tianyu hiring fans to pick him up in Aurous Hill, it's really too funny, this incident couldn't have been done by you, right?!"