Amazing Son-in-law 2998 Charlie

   He had a good relationship with Sam, and the two of them used to hang out a lot. Later, Sam suddenly left Eastcliff one day like a psychopath, wearing a green helmet and pedaling a 28 bar, and people in his circle said that he had a brain problem.


      This made him feel a little more scrupulous about Charlie wade.


      However, if he really had to choose to become a seafarer for two years, he would never be willing to do so.


      After all, for a rich young man like him, a life where he spends his days drinking and living is a paradise on earth, but once he is on a ship and a seaman, all he has to face every day is the vast ocean, what kind of dull days would it be?


      Moreover, Charlie had told him that he could not get off the ship for two years, so what was the difference between this and imprisonment?


      Just when he didn't know what to do, Charlie reminded him, "It's just a minute away!"

Zhong Tianyu was instantly flustered.


      He didn't know whether he should choose the first one or not; after all, he wasn't willing to be played by Charlie just like that, and he was still hoping that his father would be able to get himself out after learning about this matter.


      Just as he was hesitating, Christine wade on the other end of the phone said anxiously, "Tianyu, let's get the best terms in hand now first! Otherwise, in case there is no room for mediation, then you will at least not expand your losses!"


      This sentence of Christine wade instantly woke up Zhong Tianyu.


    Christine wade was right, even if he was still hoping for a chance to use his good offices, he should first seize the best terms now, otherwise two years would be three years, and when he had to accept it again, it would be the same as losing a year for nothing!


      Thinking of this, he hurriedly said to Charlie, "I'll take the first one!"


    Charlie nodded and said with a smile, "But one minute has passed, now it is the first choice is that you have to go to sea for three years as a seaman, and during these three years, you are not allowed to get off the ship."


      Zhong Tianyu's legs went limp and he cried, "Charlie wade, I beg you not to play with me, I'll choose the first one, can't two years still work?"


    Charlie said helplessly, "Sorry, the rules of the game cannot be broken, now the first choice is three years, I will give you one more minute to think carefully and then tell me whether you are willing to accept or not, but I will say it in advance, if you have not made a choice after one minute, then the first choice will become four years!"


      Zhong Tianyu broke down at once.


      At this moment, he had already turned his guts blue.