Amazing Son-in-law 2995 Charlie

  Christine's desire to live instantly changed his mouth and said, "Just now auntie didn't finish her sentence! The reason why Charlie imprisoned me is entirely because auntie did something wrong, auntie is to blame for herself!"


      After saying that, she hurriedly said in a flattering manner, "Charlie, don't misunderstand, auntie didn't finish her sentence just now, but she didn't mean anything else ......"


      Zhong Tianyu's worldview was crumbling!


      "Is this still f*cking Christine wade?!"


      "Is this still the famous and spirited Miss Eastcliff?!"


      "Who in Eastcliff doesn't know that Christine has always been arrogant and domineering, has always done whatever she wanted, and has always disregarded anyone in her eyes!"


      "But now, she is scared out of her wits by this Charlie in front of me? Knowing that Charlie is listening next to her, it's instantly as if a mouse has met a cat! This full of desire to live is too scary!"


      "Is Christine wade too weak, or is Charlie wade too strong?!"


      Just as Zhong Tianyu was shocked, Charlie opened his mouth and asked Christine, "Then in that case, you're not actually going to plead for this kid, are you?"

Christine was embarrassed and had goose bumps all over her body.


      She found out that Charlie was really bad.


      She couldn't help but slander in her heart, "If you don't want to let Zhong Tianyu go, then wouldn't you just say straight out that you can't forgive him and that it's useless for anyone to beg for mercy?"


      "But you had to force me to admit in front of Zhong Tianyu that I didn't come here to plead for him, aren't you setting me up to be unkind and unjust? Maybe I'll be his stepmother in the future, if I'm trapped by you in this matter, then won't this child be an enemy to me in the future?"


      So, Christine could only plead stiffly, "Charlie, this child Tian Yu is actually quite nice, just a bit quick-tempered at times, I hope you can spare him once for the sake of my aunt."


    Charlie smiled and said word for word, "Sorry aunt, you really don't have such a big face in my place!"


      After saying that, Charlie's voice turned cold as he said in a stern voice, "If you hadn't come to Aurous Hill so high and mighty to fool around in the first place, I would have given you enough face and respect for the sake of you being my elder."


      "But your fault is that you are too arrogant!"


      "You're always looking over your shoulder and feeling as if the whole world has to obey your command!"