Amazing Son-in-law 2994 Charlie

 Zhong Tianyu's entire body was dumbfounded when he heard this.


      He thought to himself, "Is this a f*cking human statement? How can such a thing be possible? Is this b*tch wade protecting her calf, knowing that I have offended her nephew, and therefore deliberately not wanting to intercede for me?"


      As he was angry, Christine said apologetically, "Tianyu, auntie really isn't lying to you, if I open this mouth, Charlie's punishment for you will only be increased, not reduced ......"


      Zhong Tianyu heard Christine's tone was very sincere, his heart was even more puzzled to the extreme, asked offhandedly, "This ...... is exactly why ah Aunt wade ...... I... ...I can't figure it out. ...... Aren't you his aunt? Is he not even willing to give you face?"


    Christine smiled to herself and said, "Oh ...... he gives me face? His men even dare to beat me up! And after his men beat me up, he didn't turn to me, instead he turned to his men, and he held me prisoner in Aurous Hill on New Year's Day, I begged him, but he didn't even bother with me, even my father pleaded for me to no avail ......"


      When she said this, Christine thought of her own experience of being imprisoned in the slums in Aurous Hill, her heart sank and she couldn't help but sob too.


      Then, she added, "You said, auntie can't even plead for herself, how can she plead for you?"


      Zhong Tianyu was dumbfounded, his brain felt as if 10,000 people were slicing glass with razor blades at the same time, and his brain was about to pop out.


      He subconsciously blurted out, "This ...... is simply a beast! What kind of person would do this to their own aunt!"


    Christine also felt the same way and lamented, "Tianyu, you're right ......"


    Charlie, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke up at this time and questioned, "Christine, have you forgotten why I imprisoned you in Aurous Hill?"


      When Christine suddenly heard Christine's voice, her heart suddenly jolted with fear.


      She didn't bother to think about it and asked offhandedly, "Tianyu, you ...... have you on speakerphone?!"


      Zhong Tianyu said awkwardly, "Yes ...... it was Charlie who told me to turn it on ......"