Amazing Son-in-law 2991 Charlie

  It was because Christine did have real feelings for Zhong Clint that she decided, in spite of her obvious fear of Charlie, to give Cameron a call.

Coincidentally, Zhong Tianyu, at that moment, had just got his mobile phone back.

After Charlie had the phone handed to him, he threatened in a cold voice, "Remember, you can only call Christine, if you dare to call a second person, I'll break your hand!"

Zhong Tianyu was indignant in his heart, but how could he dare to act tough on his face.

He could only nod honestly and said, "Don't worry, I'll call Auntie wade!"

Charlie laughed, "Don't forget to turn on the speaker!"

Zhong Tianyu nodded resentfully, and just as he lit up his mobile phone screen, he immediately found that there were multiple pushes from the app on his phone.

And the titles of all these tweets were all related to himself!

Some of them were "Zhong Tianyu made a mistake in buying fans again and the scene was exposed!"

Some are "Zhong Tianyu met 300 warriors in Aurous Hill, the scene is chaotic, comparable to a blockbuster!"

There are even a few article reads, "Zhong Tianyu: buy fans, I'm serious!" , "Zhong Tianyu: professional buy fans for 100 years!", "Zhong Tianyu: professional buy fans for 100 years!" The article reads, "Zhong Tianyu: I don't produce fans, I'm just a mover of fake fans!"

Seeing these tweets, Zhong Tianyu didn't need to click on them to check the details, he knew that these people must have posted his ugly appearance at the airport online!

Moreover, his own embarrassment at the airport was a mess, and I'm afraid that this kind of video will explode on the Internet as soon as it reaches ......

I don't have to think about it, but I know that the netizens on the Internet now are definitely launching a mass mockery of themselves.

It is possible that their own reputation, this time to completely finished calf.

The entertainment industry, occasionally a little scandal can be justified, but if this scandal is too big, it may be difficult to have a chance to turn the tide in this life.

Charlie saw him staring at the phone with a pale face, so he coldly scolded: "What are you still standing there? Hurry up and call!"

Zhong Tianyu's eyes were red with aggression, almost shedding tears, but he held back hard and immediately dialed Christine's phone, then pressed the speaker again.