Amazing Son-in-law 2989 Charlie

  Zhong Clint said with a smile, "How can I use the word cheat? Today, it just so happens that Tianyu is not here, so if we can make sure that the boy is safe and sound, then the two of us can spend a few days together when he is in Aurous Hill."

Christine smiled and said, "Good! I'll call Aurous Hill later and ask, it shouldn't be a big problem."

Zhong Clint said happily, "That's really great! I'll be waiting for your good news!"

I'll wait for your good news!" Christine then said, "Okay, I'll hang up now, I'll make a call and ask."

After hanging up the phone, Christine felt a bit unsure in her heart.

She thought to herself, "If the person Zhong Tianyu offended is really Charlie wade, then I'm afraid there's really nothing I can do ......"

"After all, this guy Charlie even dares to detain me, his own aunt, let alone a second generation ancestor who has no blood ties?"

However, she turned to think: "Whether there's a way or not, it's better to call over and ask what's going on first, after all, Old Zhong has called me here, so I should do my part."

In recent years, Christine and Zhong Clint had been maintaining an inappropriate relationship.

The fact that Zhong Clint's wife died early, these years has been traveling the flowers, not a lot of women, as for Christine, is also disgusted with their own in-laws strength is getting worse and worse, husband more and more incompetent, so long with her husband no feelings.

Originally, Christine wanted to get a divorce, but the old man of the wade family felt that since his daughter was already in her 40s and 50s, divorce now would be a disgrace to the family, so he did not agree to it.

Christine had always wanted to please the old man, and since he didn't want her to divorce, he didn't mention the matter again.

However, since the relationship broke down, Christine has separated from her husband and the two of them rarely see each other now, and are basically strangers, although the relationship between husband and wife still exists.

As for Christine and Zhong Clint, they were just old classmates and had nothing improper to do with each other at first.

But a few years ago, a classmate party, Christine drank a little wine, after the wine we talk about the current situation, she will be with her classmates about her husband's relationship with the breakdown of separation, but also due to the requirements of the father can not divorce things, this immediately by the long-lost spouse Zhong Clint miss.

For Zhong Clint, who is a womanizer, he certainly does not look up to a half-aged woman like Christine.