Amazing Son-in-law 2987 Charlie

  "Grass!" When Zhong Tianyu heard Charlie's voice, he immediately matched up with the man on the phone whose identity he didn't know, and subconsciously cursed offhandedly, and then said angrily, "So it's you! What the hell is your origin, dare to confront me? Believe it or not, the first thing I will do when I leave from here is to ki ll you?

Charlie laughed: "You ask me where I come from? My name is Charlie wade, I don't know if you've heard of me?"

"Charlie wade?!" When Zhong Tianyu heard these two words, the first reaction in his head was, "Holy sh*t, this guy's surname is wade, so could he be from the wade family?!"

But after he carefully went through all the younger generations of the wade family, and made sure that there was no one named Charlie wade, he said with a wary face, "I know everyone in the wade family who is about my age, but I've never seen you before, could you be a relative of the wade family?"

The wade family does have many branches of relatives, these relatives are spread all over the country and even all over the world, although they are also surnamed wade, but their economic strength, compared to the Eastcliff wade family, that is really far worse.

Therefore, if it is the Eastcliff wade family, Zhong Tianyu certainly can not afford to mess with, but if it is the wade family's relatives, then Zhong Tianyu is really not shy.

After all, the Zhong family is also a dignified family, and the relationship between their own family and the wade family is not bad, will not allow a foreign relative to ride on their own neck to sh*t?

Just then, Charlie smiled playfully and asked him, "You just said you know Christine, do you know her well?"

"Of course!" Zhong Tianyu blurted out, "Auntie wade is very close to my father, we even ate together the other day Over dinner!"

Charlie asked with interest, "Since you are so familiar with Christine wade, did Christine wade not mention me in front of you?"

Zhong Tianyu brushed aside his mouth and said disdainfully, "You are just a relative of the wade family, and as far as I know, there are 800 young people like you among the wade family's relatives.

Charlie laughed: "How about this, I'll have someone bring your phone, you call and ask her yourself?"

When Zhong Tianyu saw Charlie's playful face, he couldn't help but panic in his heart and thought, "Could this guy really be some big shot?"

But on second thought, it's not bad to call Christine wade, at least there's a chance to put out a signal to get help!

So, he immediately nodded and said, "Yes! You give me back my phone, I'll call and ask Auntie wade what you're really from!"

Charlie gave a wink to Cameron and said, "Old Cameron, have someone send him the phone."


At the same time, the Zhong family also asked someone to inquire about the news.

According to the feedback back, Zhong Tianyu was actually escorted directly to Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace by the gang of strong men at the airport!

The Zhong family was shocked, everyone knew that the Buckingham(Shangri la ( Palace was the property of the wade family, now Zhong Tianyu was taken to the Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace, could it be the wade family's work?

However, not only did they have no grudge against the wade family, but their relationship was also quite delicate, so why did the wade family kidnap Zhong Tianyu?

So, Zhong Tianyu's father, Zhong Clint, did not think ......

He took out his mobile phone and made a call to Christine wade.

In Zhong Clint's mobile phone, Christine Wade's name was only saved with the word "Christine", so it was clear that the two had a very unusual relationship.

As expected, once the call came through, Zhong Clint, no matter how anxious he was in his heart, still asked in a gentle tone first, "Christine, what are you doing?"

Christine seemed happy to receive his call and said cheerfully, "I'm, I'm doing body care."

Zhong Clint was surprised and asked, "Why are you doing it again? Didn't you have it done yesterday?"

Christine smiled and said, "Harm, it's not because I went out on a business trip some time ago, I didn't have time to take care of my skin, so I'm trying to remedy it during this time."

Saying that, she lazily stretched out a yawn and asked with a smile, "What did you call me for? Did you miss me?"

Zhong Clint was busy saying, "Of course I miss you, all the time, but I'm calling mainly because I want to ask you about something."

Christine giggled and asked, "What is it?"

Zhong Clint blurted out, "Tian Yu went out of town to prepare for a performance and was taken away when he got off the plane."

"Really?" Christine was surprised and said, "Tianyu is a public figure, what kind of person would dare to take him away in broad daylight?"

Zhong Clint sighed, "Don't mention it, there is news that he was kidnapped to the Buckingham Palace(Shangri la) Hotel in Aurous Hill, I wonder if it has anything to do with your wade family members?"

Christine was shocked and asked offhandedly, "What did you say?! Aurous Hill?!