Amazing Son-in-law 2984 Charlie

  The assistants and bodyguards accompanying Zhong Tianyu were all scared silly, seeing their own young master being taken away in this way, they didn't know whether to follow them or stand still and don't move, after all, there were many people on the other side, and all of them didn't look like good people, if they really messed with each other, wouldn't they be hitting a rock with an egg?

When the gang hesitated, the remaining dozens of strong men directly surrounded these people in the middle and pushed them out of the airport's business jet terminal.

It was only when Zhong Tianyu was carried out that he realized something was wrong!

Because there were no passengers at all at the entrance of the terminal, and the terminal itself was so small that it was not as large as a train station in a small city.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed the magnificent main terminal not far away. Not only was the main terminal a large building, but there was a lot of traffic at the entrance, and passengers coming in and out very much.

At this moment he immediately realized that he had been completely set up from the moment he got off the plane!

He couldn't help but think in his heart, "Could it be that Wendy has shagged me? Damn, this woman has so much guts, she even dares to play me?!"

"Nope! It shouldn't be that Wendy, because my original plan was to leave the airport from the main terminal, and the 300 female fans who greeted me were also waiting for me to appear in the main terminal ......"

"But the guys at the airport actually took me to the business jet terminal ......"

"Damn it! No wonder the windows of that ferry were all sealed up, just so I wouldn't see that I was being pulled to the business jet terminal! It's obvious that it's a trap for me!"

"Who the hell is so brave that even I dare to play? Could it be the dog that the Wade family planted in Aurous Hill?! It's just the underlings of the Wade family, how dare they make a direct move on me?!"

When Zhong Tianyu's heart was puzzled, a group of strong men had already shoved him into a bus.

The most f*cked up thing is, the forty-seater bus, there is no place for him, all the seats are filled by those fierce strong men, and he was thrown in the narrow aisle of the bus together with his assistant and bodyguard.

As soon as they got on the bus, the attitude of these vicious men immediately changed, and one of them immediately opened his mouth and said to several people, "Hand over your cell phone by yourself, or don't blame me for being ungracious!"

Zhong Tianyu was nervous and subconsciously asked, "Are you the ones sent by Mr. Cameron of Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace?"

The strong man who had slapped him earlier said in a cold voice: "Where do you get so many questions? Where's the phone? Hurry up and give it to me!