Amazing Son-in-law 2983 Charlie

  Zhong Tianyu was slapped by the brain straight buzz.

Just now the ruthlessness, directly by the two slaps in succession to the clouds.

Born with the golden key, he has never been beaten since he was a child, but today he just got off the plane and received two slaps, and was pinched in the face to death, this feeling makes him have the heart to die.

At this moment, he was like a vegetable chicken surrounded by wolves.

Faced with a large number of fierce and fierce men, he had already been scared out of his wits.

The bodyguard has long been useless, now he has been completely reduced to the other party's plaything, so he can only ask tentatively: "Gentlemen brothers, this ......

Is there any misunderstanding inside ......"

After all, just now on the video obviously see hundreds of beautiful women waiting to pick up the plane, but after coming out but found that a beautiful woman are not even, more than a few hundred hooligans, this look is not quite right!

"There is no misunderstanding!" The man who pinched his face said in a cold voice: "We are all your fans, love you so much that we heard you came to Aurous Hill, so we rushed over to meet you, how about it? Are you still satisfied with this lineup?"

Zhong Tianyu cried and said, "Big brother you better not joke ...... me this kind of person, which is what is worthy of all the big brothers like, if my brother has any ......

If you have done something wrong, you can say, I will change, but there is really no need to play me so ......"

The man laughed and said, "Yo, it's too much to say so, we came all this way to meet you, of course, because we love your musical talent, in addition, we also prepared a sumptuous reception feast for you, it's almost time, hurry up and go!"

After saying that, he gave a wink to another strong man beside him, the two looked at each other and smiled, immediately bent down, one person carried Zhong Tianyu a leg, directly carried Zhong Tianyu up.

Subsequently, a large number of strong men step on the flock of lifted Zhong Tianyu to go outside, a group of people followed cheering and shouting, the scene is very magnificent!