Amazing Son-in-law 2982 Charlie

  Zhong Tianyu was in a bad mood all this way.

However, just now, after seeing the video of the hundreds of courtesy ladies on Wendy's side, his mood instantly improved a lot.

To be honest, he hadn't done much to buy fans to meet him in the past, but he had never once. He was able to buy so many high quality fans.

In the past, this kind of thing was always done with the group leaders, who had resources of mass actors in their hands, and found all kinds of women, but the good-looking ones with good bodies were after all a minority.

But this time it was different. All the girls here were over 1m68m tall, slim and pretty, and they were not conspicuous, but if you put a couple of hundred or two or three hundred of them together, the visual effect would be absolutely explosive!

So, he happily straightened his collar. To Cynthia, he said, "At today's pick-up scene, make sure to take more photos and then put in some more resources to make it to the number 1 spot in the hot search."

Cynthia hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Young Master, I will arrange it."

"Mm!" Zhong Tianyu nodded in satisfaction, stood up and said, "Alright. Let's go!"

After saying that, he took the lead and got off the plane.

As the private jet had purchased the airport's VIP service when it applied for the route, an airport account manager was standing outside the cabin at this moment. After Zhong Tianyu stepped down, he immediately greeted him and said respectfully, "Mr. Zhong, you have had a long journey, welcome to Aurous Hill!"

Zhong Tianyu nodded condescendingly, and the account manager then asked solicitously, "Mr. Zhong, is this your first time in Aurous Hill?"

"Yes." Zhong Tianyu returned indifferently, pointed at the Toyota Kost in front of him and opened his mouth to ask, "Is this the car prepared for me?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" The account manager hurriedly made an inviting gesture. He said, "Mr. Zhong, please get in the car and we will go to the terminal now!"

Zhong Tianyu didn't even look at him, so he stepped into the car.

As a result, after he got into the car, he realised that all the windows in the bus were covered with completely opaque glass film, and even the driver's seat was sealed by a tight partition, so when he came in, he could not see anything outside at all, so he asked in amazement, "Why are all the windows of this car stuck shut?"

The account manager hurriedly said, "Mr. Zhong, you don't know, this car is specially for super VIPs like you, so we have to make sure that we won't reveal any of your whereabouts and that you won't be caught by any camera equipment ......

Caught, one hundred percent protection of your privacy."

Zhong Tianyu nodded in a dazed manner and laughed, "I didn't expect your Aurous Hill place to be small. It's quite a matter of doing things properly."

After saying that, he directly found the most comfortable seat and sat down.

Immediately afterwards, his assistant, make-up artist and four bodyguards also got into the car one after another. The door of the Kosta closed and it quickly drove out of the hangar.

At this moment, Zhong Tianyu could not see any view outside at all. So he had no idea that he was going to, at all, not the main terminal, or the business jet terminal at the edge of the airport.

The car drove straight into a small passage inside the business jet terminal, and it stopped just in front of a glass door that said Arrivals Hall.

After Zhong Tianyu got out of the car, he went straight into this glass door and had no chance to see the outside of the terminal, so he didn't realise anything unusual.

Unlike most passengers who disembarked directly from the corridor, private jets cannot dock directly onto the corridor because of their smaller and shorter fuselages. Therefore, after disembarking from the plane, passengers on private jets are basically taken directly to the ground entrance of the terminal by this ferry and no one is suspicious. Led by the account manager, they walked all the way in.

However, once inside, Zhong Tianyu was a bit surprised as he looked at the almost empty passageway and said in confusion, "Why are there so few people in this airport of yours? But I see that apart from a few of us. Aren't there any other passengers?"

The account manager scratched his head and said, "This ...... might have something to do with today's traffic control, we don't have many planes arriving in Hong Kong today. Many flights have been delayed or cancelled."

Zhong Tianyu felt that something didn't seem right. Generally speaking, even if airports in second-tier cities weren't that busy, they wouldn't be this empty, right?

As he was wondering, the account manager pointed to a frosted glass door in front of him and said, "Mr. Zhong, the exit is just ahead. There are many of your fans outside, so if you feel uncomfortable, I can have security escort you out quickly. Or let the security guards chase the fans away before you go out."

"Don't!" The doubt in Zhong Tianyu's head instantly dissipated and he blurted out, "I've always treated my fans like family, they've come all this way to greet me, so I naturally have to say hello to them!"

With that, he took a few quick steps to the glass door and couldn't wait to walk out and say hello to the 300 beautiful "fans" he had bought.

At that moment, the induction door opened with a sound, and when the scene outside the passage reflected ......

When it shot into Zhong Tianyu's pupils, he felt like his brain was instantly energized with high-voltage electricity, and his whole body was stunned!

Because. At this moment, although a large number of people were gathered outside the exit, it was not at all the large number of beautiful women that he had imagined.

Quite the opposite!

In front of him was a huge pile of big, thick, flesh-faced old men!

Just as Zhong Tianyu was in dismay. A man with two scars on his face, incomparably fierce and fierce, shouted loudly, "Zhong Tianyu! I love you! I want to give you a f*cking baby!"

A whistle burst from the crowd.

Another man shouted, "F*ck! Zhong Tianyu, I love you too! I want you to give me a f*cking baby!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, a man in a sports vest on a cold day. With two big tattooed arms, he shouted excitedly, "Zhong Tianyu from Eastcliff, China! Bull, 666, my baby!"

Zhong Tianyu was so stunned by the gesture that his legs went weak and he tried to back up, thinking in a panic: "What the hell is going on here ......? Where is the beauty? Where are the ladies? How come they've turned into a bunch of rascals?"

But what he didn't expect was that the frenzied group of adults didn't give him a chance to back off, as they swarmed over him, shouting "I love you, Zhong Tianyu, I want to sleep with you tonight!" They surrounded Zhong Tianyu with slogans such as "I love you, I want to sleep with you tonight!

Before Zhong Tianyu's four bodyguards could react, they were directly squeezed outside the crowd by two to three hundred people, seeing so many strong men, there was nothing they could do.

And Zhong Tianyu was surrounded by so many stinking hooligans like strong men, his whole body was already scared out of his wits, he panicked and asked, "What the hell do you ...... guys do?"

Someone shouted, "Grass! What's the point of asking? I'm a big fan of yours! You're coming to Aurous Hill, of course I have to come and pick you up!"

Zhong Tianyu was on the verge of tears, thinking, "How the hell can I have such fans? You guys are trying to get me here, right?

So he blurted out, "You must have made a mistake! Let me out or I'll be rude!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, someone suddenly reached out and slapped him across the face, saying, "F*ck! I rode my motorbike all the way here to pick up your plane, and you dare to talk to me like that, you've given me face, haven't you?"

"That's right!" I don't know who raised his hand and slapped him again, and then pinched the flesh of his face, yelling angrily as he did so, "Damn it, are you talking to your fans like that? Repeat it for me!