Amazing Son-in-law 2977 Charlie

  Wendy's movements were very nimble.

By further confirming and sifting through the list of people, she settled on three hundred employees after ten minutes.

She then set some details with Cynthia, including the slogans that everyone would chant, the banners they would put up and the physical movements they would perform at that time.

Zhong Tianyu himself was very upset with Wendy, but after seeing how efficient and professional she was in her work, his emotions eased a little.

The plane takes off. While Zhong Tianyu was flying to Aurous Hill, Wendy had already started to deploy her own staff, three hundred courtesy ladies, from all over Aurous Hill to prepare for departure to the airport.

Wendy finished lining up her work and was as happy as if she had won a battle.

She recalled that when her brother-in-law Charlie wade handed over Shangmei Etiquette Company to herself, this company was still the first chicken feather, but in a very short period of time, she had made this company into a model, not only the company's performance was getting better and better, but also the scale of the company was getting bigger and bigger.

Of course, she also knows very well that the reason why she was able to gain such rapid development and success. It was also mainly due to Charlie's face, many of the businesses were now introduced by Master Albert and his men for themselves, if it wasn't for them, the company couldn't have been on the right track so quickly.

Thinking about Charlie, the teenage heart in her heart couldn't help but burst.

Right now, she had a deep good feeling for Charlie. Although she herself knew that the gap between her and Charlie was too big, but good feelings were something like that. Once you have it, it is hard to disappear, even if you know it is impossible it will eddy around in your heart.

Therefore, she picked up her mobile phone and after thinking and hesitating, she still made a phone call to Charlie.

At this moment, Charlie, who was at Buckingham Palace(Shangri la), was suddenly surprised to receive a call from Wendy.

Over the past few days, he had basically forgotten about Wendy.

Originally, Old Lady Wilson still scolded Christopher's wife, who had stolen her money and left Aurous Hill, twice a day on the balcony, and choked a few words with Elaine in the process, but these days, the old lady seemed to have tightened up a lot, and she wasn't heard choking with Elaine anymore.