Amazing Son-in-law 2976 Charlie

Wendy then said, "It's a temporary job to act as a female fan at the airport, the other party wants three hundred people, arriving at Aurous Hill airport in two hours, the pick-up process is a total of half an hour, this time the party is a tycoon, the reward is two thousand five hundred per person!"

Wendy received one million this time, and according to the process, she left the company with a profit of 250,000, leaving 750,000 to give back to the staff, which worked out to be exactly 2,500 per person.

As soon as this news was sent out, the group exploded!

Who would have dared to imagine that a trip to the airport, a round trip that took no more than three hours combined, could earn two thousand five hundred dollars? Normally, a job of such a short duration could not be more than five hundred dollars at most.

So, hundreds of people in the group instantly replied, each with a similar reply: "Sister Wendy, I'll go I'll go! Count me in!"

The earnings from this event had increased by several times after all, and everyone didn't want to miss this great opportunity.

However, the event required 300 people, and there were more than 1,000 people in the group, so there were too many monks and too few porridge, so how to distribute them became a tricky problem.

Wendy thought about it again and again, and spoke, "This time, as the number of people needed is only three hundred, so we have the following conditions for selecting people."

"Firstly, priority will be given to full-time contracted employees of Shangmei;"

"Secondly, from the full-time contracted employees, we will select them according to their attendance rate in the previous month, from highest to lowest, and the three hundred people with the highest attendance rate will get this opportunity;"

"Third, if the selected people don't have time to go, the places will be postponed!"

As soon as these conditions came out, several people in the group were happy and a few were sad.

Those who were happy were the full-time contracted staff, and those who had a high attendance rate.

They thought that if they didn't sign a full-time contract, they would be able to work with more companies, so they would have more resources and more freedom.

This is the price of freedom if you don't sign a contract, just like the difference between regular and temporary workers, and the benefits will naturally be different.

On top of that, the full-time contracted staff are all convinced by the way the rules are ordered by attendance.

After all, the most important criterion for Miss Manners like them to generate income for the company is their attendance rate, and the price is not too different.

Wendy saw that everyone had no opinion on her decision, so she immediately said: "Let Sister Vivian, the financial secretary, send our attendance rate for last month to the group, all employees in the top 300 who have no problems with their time, find Sister Vivian to register within ten minutes, and all sisters in the next hundred after 300 should also pay more attention. If any of the first three hundred people can't make it, or if any of them don't register for more than ten minutes, they will be considered to have given up.