Amazing Son-in-law 2972 Charlie

  Hearing this, Zhong Tianyu, who was on the side, roared at Cynthia in anger, "Damn it! What the f*ck is a manners company doing here! I'll pay 300,000 for 300 people, 1000 dollars each! This price is much higher than the normal price of an etiquette girl, and as long as she's not a fool, she definitely won't refuse!"

Cynthia had to continue sending voice messages to Wendy: "Miss Wendy, look at this, can you give us 300 courtesy girls, we only need them to pose as fans at the airport for about half an hour, as long as you agree, we can pay you 300,000 yuan!"

Three hundred thousand was indeed not a small amount.

Generally speaking, an ordinary mass actor who works hard for a day will only be paid between 150 and 200 yuan.

A courtesy lady will be paid slightly more, but basically in the range of 500 to 1000 for a full day.

There are not many courtesans who can exceed $1,000 a day, unless they go to a car show and make a cameo appearance as a model, then they can get such a price.

However, Wendy carefully weighed the matter and decided to refuse, because this kind of thing she really has not operated, but also worried that in case of any trouble caused by the hemp

She then replied, "I'm really sorry Miss Cynthia, we really can't take this one."

Cynthia instantly became extremely helpless inside.

She looked at Zhong Tianyu at the side and subconsciously asked, "Young master, what do you think about this?"

Zhong Tianyu's expression was very gloomy, he really didn't expect that the other party would still refuse if he offered this price.

Therefore, he subconsciously took Wendy's decision as a way of knocking on the door.

Then, he gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, "Damn it! It's just a way to get more money! You tell her, and we won't talk nonsense to her, a price of 600,000!"

Cynthia hurriedly sent a voice message to Xiao Weiwei: "Miss wendy, let's raise the fee to 600,000, will that be enough?"

Wendy was indeed somewhat moved.

Today was a working day, and it was also a Tuesday, and most of the work of a company like theirs, which specialized in etiquette, was concentrated on weekends.

This was because most of the business events would be held on the weekend.

Apart from the two busiest days on the weekend, there are also more things to do on Mondays and Fridays.