Amazing Son-in-law 2966 Charlie

  Only those who are on frequently and often The only way to be identified as a top-streamer in the industry is to be on the f*cking hot seat.

Once you are labeled as a top star, you can do everything with half the effort.

For example, a top-notch star can be paid over a hundred million dollars for a single drama, and a top-notch star can be paid tens of millions of dollars for endorsing a random product.

Zhong Tianyu's so-called top-stream male singer is actually operating this way all the way out.

Every time he goes out of town, he has to meet at least a few hundred fake fans at the airport and pay for a group of so-called "private fans" to follow him around like crazy. "Zhong Tianyu is plagued by private fans somewhere and posts a blog denouncing it."

He would also use such a hot search to lure in passerby netizens who were watching, and then use a whole bunch of retouched photos and retouched songs, combined with his various genius, hardworking, rich kid personas, to fool passersby into becoming fans.

This kind of game has long since become a standard operating procedure in the entertainment industry

If any celebrity arrives somewhere without a pick-up and a beautiful, handsome and highly compelling airport photo, it will definitely become the laughing stock of the entertainment industry.

Therefore, when Zhong Tianyu heard that he would not be able to make it to the airport for the pick-up and photo shoot, he became furious and asked, "What's going on? I'm going to Aurous Hill, is there not even a pickup lineup anymore?"

The female assistant hurriedly said, "Young master, you were originally scheduled to fly to Aurous Hill tomorrow morning, so Xu Dan Dan arranged for all of the line-ups to be there tomorrow!"

Saying that, the female assistant hurriedly took out a notepad and said while flipping through it, "Xu Dan Dan has already booked with the local group leader in Aurous Hill, tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, there will be five hundred group actors heading to the arrival hall of Aurous Hill airport, these are all playing fans, this pickup lineup is huge, when the time comes, they will first buy you a hot search of your arrival in Aurous Hill and a large number of fans picking up the plane;"

"In addition, there are also ten teams of capture photographers who will also arrive at the airport tomorrow at nine o'clock, they will be ready to capture you at various locations at the airport, then the original photos will be sent to their finishing team for finishing at the first time, the finished pictures will be sent to me at the first time, then you will personally select the ones you are satisfied with and put them out, so we will follow up to buy a second hot search, which is your fashionable outfit at the airport;"