Amazing Son-in-law 2964 Charlie

  Charlie gave a hmph and instructed again, "Take a video of them when you sign up, make it clear that they are voluntarily participating in the tour experience and voluntarily abide by our tour rules, remember to let them act realistically and leave a backhand."

Cameron nodded and said, "Okay, I'll make a note of it all.

Charlie instructed again: "By the way, just now said violent beating, this must wait until after the contract is signed and the video is taken, got it?


Immediately afterwards, Xu Dan Dan several people were brought to the rooftop under the close escort of the security guards, crying and shouting.

Soon after, a special wilderness survival program was launched at the Buckingham Palace(Shangri la) Hotel, and Xu Dan Dan and the others, under the careful care of the security guards, voluntarily signed a fair and equitable travel service contract and became the first lucky customers of this new program for free.

Once the contracts were signed, the men were repaired by the security guards and then thrown into the helicopter.

The catering department brought over a bunch of food that was about to be eliminated and expire, as well as a large amount of tap water that was temporarily canned, and these were all the supplies that Xu Dan Dan would need for the next few days.

After all, it was a big hotel, the catering department gave a large amount of expired food and tap water, and the amount of food these young people had was enough to feed them for half a month.

While Charlie was eating with the Ito family, a helicopter flew to the very centre of the deep forest on the far outskirts of Aurous Hill.

Immediately afterwards, the helicopter descended in altitude and dropped these few people into the deepest valley, along with the food and water prepared for them.

Xu Dan Dan several people officially began the wilderness survival that Charlie had arranged for them.

Meanwhile, Zhong Tianyu, one of the most popular male singers in China, could not get through to several of his men and was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

When he couldn't get in touch with his men, he immediately realised that they must have been taken care of by Buckingham Palace, and that he might have been detained by them.

It wasn't a big deal to him if they were detained, but his performance the day after tomorrow was the most important thing.

If Xu Dan Dan disappeared at this time, he would be in the dark when he arrived in Aurous Hill.

This time, it was only after he pleaded with his father, who then went out of his way to ask Lord Orrin, that he got Stephanie to agree to the tour.

Not only did he want to use Stephanie's popularity to raise his own traffic and influence to another level, he also wanted to take advantage of this tour to show off more in front of Stephanie.

He has been secretly in love with Stephanie for many years and has dreamed of marrying her as his wife. Moreover, the Gu(Sun) family is now getting stronger and stronger, and after Lord Orrin has recovered from his serious illness, his influence in the Gu(Sun) family is also getting bigger and bigger, so it is a time when the sky is the limit ......

Waiting, if he married Stephanie at this time, he could really struggle for decades less.

Although the Zhong family's strength is also very good, it is still a cut short of the Gu(Sun) family.

What's more, the old man of the Zhong family, Zhong Tianyu's grandfather, had come back from the South China Sea and was not a Chinese citizen.

Even though he was always favoured, his family's assets were diluted, and he could not compare with Stephanie's. After all, Stephanie's father, Lord Orrin, held half of the Gu(Sun) family's assets, which would undoubtedly be owned by Stephanie.

Therefore, Zhong Tianyu was particularly looking forward to chasing Stephanie down.

It can even be said that Zhong Tianyu has long regarded Stephanie as the end of his life goal. As long as he can marry Stephanie, he will not have to struggle any more in his life.

For all these reasons, what he fears most now is that there will be any slip-ups in the concert.

Right now, Xu Dan Dan has completely lost contact with him, so the only thing he can do is to rush to Aurous Hill himself and put all the pre-concert work in place.

Moreover, he had to find that Cameron to take his revenge.

After all, since when could the young master of the Zhong family let a subordinate bully him?

He had to get this back, no matter what he said!