Amazing Son-in-law 2963 Charlie

  Behind the Phoenix Hill Cemetery is a mountain range that winds for nearly 100 kilometres.

Although urbanisation has been increasing in recent years, this kind of deep mountain forest has never been much developed.

Moreover, that kind of place, apart from a group of donkeys with too much time on their hands, not many people would normally go there.

It is said that every now and then, there are donkeys who get trapped in the deep mountains, and in the end, they can only rely on rescue teams to carry them out one by one, so over time, even the donkeys are afraid to go there.

It was precisely because it was not too easy to get out that Charlie planned to throw the few people, Xu Dan Dan, over there.

Anyway, Aurous Hill is located in the Central Plains, and there are no beasts that can eat people in the deep forests, so even if they don't have the ability to survive, they won't die inside, and when the time comes, as long as they ask Cameron to prepare water and dry food for them, they will be able to suffer inside properly for a few days in a down-to-earth manner.

At that time, they will not be given any means of communication, so that they can experience what it means: they will not be able to answer the call of the day, and they will not be able to answer the call of the ground.

By the way, it also serves as a wake-up call to that Zhong Tianyu. Since he is going to be the guest of honour at Stephanie's concert, he must be coming over in the next couple of days, and if what happened to Xu Dan Dan and the others doesn't wake him up.

Then when the time comes, we'll throw him over as well.

Only then did Xu Dan Dan realize that Charlie, whom he once thought was the interpreter, was probably the real big brother behind the scenes.

When he thought of his surname Wade, and that Cameron was very respectful to him, a terrible thought suddenly flashed through his heart, and immediately, he kneeled down in front of Charlie with a thud, and then he kept kowtowing, begging: "Mr. Wade, please forgive me, I won't dare to do it again!

Charlie expressionlessly said: "I very much do not hold you responsible for anything, but also gave you a free tour, is this not considered to forgive you? If even this you are not satisfied, then you really make it very difficult for me to do.

After that, he looked at Cameron, spoke: "How about taking them to Albert's dog farm, temporary stay for two days, and then see what other people do not have eyes, a piece with them to put together, put together a wave sent to Syria to experience the outbound tour.

Cameron did not hesitate to say: "No problem! If that Zhong Tianyu also gives shame when he arrives, we'll send them to Syria together then.

When Xu Dan Dan heard this, he was immediately scared out of his mind.

He became more and more firm in his earlier guesses.

This young man in front of him, surnamed Wade, was definitely someone from the wade family!

No wonder he didn't take himself seriously at all, not even his own young master .

This time, he had really pissed off a big shot!

Thinking of this, Xu Dan Dan said in tears: ''Don't misunderstand, Mr. Wade, I'm not dissatisfied in any way

Charlie smiled and asked him: "Are you sure? We always put our customers first, if you are not satisfied with anything, just say it, don't hold it in.

Xu Dan Dan's liver trembled with fear and he thought to himself, "This is not customer first, this is fishing for law enforcement! If I tell you, I'm afraid I'll end up worse off!

So, he choked up and shook his head repeatedly, "No, no! There is absolutely no dissatisfaction whatsoever!

Charlie then nodded and said in a cold voice: "Since there is nothing unsatisfactory, sign the contract and wait for the departure later, if you perform well, you will be released in a few days, if not, even if you crawl out on your own, I will have you thrown back again!

With that, he instructed Richard Chen, "Before you send them away, put GPS positioning on each of them."

Cameron hurriedly said, " Don't worry, I will make all the arrangements"