Amazing Son-in-law 2961 Charlie

  As soon as Xu Dan Dan heard his master speak with such confidence, his back straightened up.

He stepped back, raised the phone in his hand high and said to Cameron, "Our young master has something to ask you personally!

Cameron frowned in disgust and said in a cold voice: "Say something, fart away!"

"F*ck!" A young man cursed angrily from the other end of the phone, "Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am?

Cameron sneered, "Yes, you're just a singer, aren't you? I heard that your family spent a lot of money to promote you for years, but you couldn't make it, so you finally went abroad and got a new head before you got a hit, didn't you?

"F*ck!" Zhong Tianyu on the other end of the phone was furious: "You're really looking for death! If you have the guts to tell me your name, I don't want to kill you, my f*cking name is Zhong!

Cameron said indifferently: ''My name is Cameron, the general manager of Buckingham Palace(Shangri la) in Aurous Hill, if you want to kill me, just come over, I'll be waiting for you.

Zhong Tianyu froze, and then sneered: ''Who am I talking about, So pretentious, so you're the general manager of Buckingham Palace, so you're from the Wade family?

''That's right.

Zhong Tianyu gritted his teeth and said: ''So what if you are a member of the Wade family? You're not surnamed wade, to put it bluntly, you're just a dog of the wade family, you're also worthy of barking in front of me?

If you do a good job, I'll spare you this time, otherwise, when I get to Aurous Hill, I'll make sure you'll have a hard time!"

Cameron laughed:" Then you'd better come faster, I'm a bit impatient.

"Grass!" Zhong Tianyu cursed furiously, "Are you f*cking brain-dead? You don't take the step you're given and you have to wait for the big one to be satisfied? I'll give you one last chance, leave me the presidential suite, when I arrive in Aurous Hill, you personally kneel in front of me and apologize, otherwise, I'll kill you!

Charlie listened on the side and couldn't help but frown and say: "Old Cameron, don't talk nonsense with such fools, hang up the phone and drive these silly dogs out, lest I be disturbed by their gibbering here.

Cameron nodded and directly grabbed Xu Dan Dan's phone, and with a forceful break of both hands, he broke his Apple phone into a ninety-degree angle, and the phone was instantly disconnected.

Xu Dan Dan was startled and said out of the blue, "What are you doing?

Cameron said in a cold voice: " What am I going to do? I'm going to beat you up!

After saying that, he slapped Xu Dan Dan's face. Xu Dan Dan spun around, dizzy and nearly fell to the ground.

Seeing this, several of his companions stepped forward and threatened, "Do you not want to work at Buckingham Palace anymore? Even Manager Xu dared to hit him!

Xu Dan Dan, who had recovered, said angrily, "Are you looking for death? Do you believe I will let our young master ki ll you?

Without hesitation, Cameron raised his hand and gave Xu Dan Dan another slap, directly knocking him to the ground, saying with a contemptuous face, "You're such a bird, you won't remember unless you hit him hard."