Amazing Son-in-law 2957 Charlie

 Charlie's remark that he would definitely have a chance in the future made Ito Yohiko inexplicably excited.

Although he knew that although modern medicine was already very advanced, it was still simply impossible to achieve the rebirth of a severed limb.

Moreover, modern technology was currently unable to break through to 100 per cent cellular recovery at all, which was why, the wound would grow scars instead of growing back to the way it was before the injury.

A slight cut on the wrist will leave a scar that will last a lifetime, so how can an amputated leg grow back?

The two bowl-sized scars at the base of the thighs after the amputation alone will not allow them to conform to the skin on the rest of the body, not to mention the legs growing back.

Every night when he took off his prosthetic legs, Ito Yohiko would look at the two large crimson scars at the base of his thighs and feel disgusted.

But he knew very well that this was already the ceiling of modern medicine, and even if he searched the world for a famous doctor, he would not be able to make his situation better.

So if there was any man who dared to say to his face that he could bring a severed limb back to life, he would have scolded him.

However, Only Charlie was different.

When these words came out of Charlie's mouth, even if Charlie only said that there was a chance in the future, Ito Yohiko felt that this matter would definitely come true!

Therefore, how could he not be excited.

At this moment, he looked at Charlie, his eyes already filled with hot tears, and said tremblingly, "Mr. Wade, if you really have a way to restore me to my original state, I would like to work for you for the rest of my life, and I would like to follow your lead!"

Charlie smiled slightly, "I will naturally do my best, after all, the 4.5 billion US dollars is not for nothing, just don't complain about me, Mr. Ito."

Hearing this, Ito Yohiko laughed loudly, "At first, I still had a grudge against Mr. Wade because of the US$4.5 billion, but now it seems that the money was really well spent!"

Frankly speaking, Ito Yohiko had been holding a grudge over the US$4.5 billion.

Before, it was an extremely deep resentment. After coming back and Charlie saved him, and after his daughter made it clear that she was in love with this guy, Ito Yohiko's mind did ease up quite a bit.

But it was the same as when he accepted the amputation of his legs, and although he did his best to accept it in his heart, whenever he thought about it, it was the same as Seeing the scar like the amputation on his leg was always not too comfortable in his heart.

Now, once he heard that Charlie could possibly restore him to his original state, he was completely relieved of the US$4.5 billion.

On the other side, Tanaka Koichi also had a strong yearning deep in his heart.

However, he felt more or less inferior in his heart, always feeling that if such a good thing were true, it would not be his turn.

It was Ito Yohiko who had his heart set on his sincere subordinate, so he asked Charlie, "Mr wade, if you really have a solution in the future, can you give Tanaka a chance? If you need money, I will pay for it!"

As soon as Tanaka Hiroshi heard this, tears came out of his eyes at once, his hands clutching the corners of his clothes to death, his nose already starting to shrug violently and involuntarily.

Charlie glanced at Tanaka and said with a smile, "Don't worry, if the time is right, I will let both of you get back on your feet."

Ito Yohiko was instantly relieved, while Tanaka Koichi, who was on the side, could no longer control his emotions and covered his face and cried out in silent pain.

At that moment, the door of the room was pushed open and Nanaiko Ito, dressed in casual clothes, swiped her room card and entered.