Amazing Son-in-law 2955 Charlie

  Deana heard here, said thoughtfully: according to your analysis, it is estimated that the girl Gu(Sun) family, ninety-nine percent is running to Charlie came to Aurous Hill.

Zara immediately felt a burst of panic.

Originally thought that the wife of the benefactor is my biggest competitor, but did not expect that there is a fire around the world Stephanie

"Moreover, Stephanie's advantage is much greater than mine

What's more, the Gu(Sun) family and the wade family are family friends, and Stephanie and Charlie have been married for a long time, compared to that, I really have no advantage at all.

Deana saw Zara look lost, so he said comfortingly: " Zara, do not think too much in your heart, feelings such things, not to measure the number of advantages, some people a good hand may not win, but some people, a bad hand but can win to the end.

Zara nodded gently, she also expected Charlie such a man, will be very popular with women, so think carefully, then do not think Stephanie is really a big problem.

At this time, Deana on the side remembered something and asked her: 'Zara, the Guy(Sun) family that girl's concert, What day is it?"

The day after tomorrow," Zara said.

The day after tomorrow is the second day of the second lunar month, right?

Zara shook his head:'

I do not know

I don't know, I usually don't remember the lunar calendar.

Deana took out his phone and looked at it, and said with certainty: "Yes, it is the second day of the second month of the dragon, no wonder she chose this day to open a concert in Aurous Hill.

Zara was surprised and asked: "Mom, what's so special about the second day of the second lunar month?

Deana said seriously: "The second day of the second lunar month is Charlie's birthday.

Zara was even more puzzled: "Mom, how do you know the birthday of the benefactor?"

 Deana let out a bitter smile and said: ''When you truly love someone, you will unconsciously pay attention to everything about them, even to all the information related to them.

Zara eyes to see the mother look slightly between a few sighs, hurriedly gently her to sweep ......

She said with a smile, "Mom, it's an honor for Uncle wade to have a woman like you who loves him so much.

Deana smiled and said: "Do not talk about this, Mom show you inside to see which room you like.

Zara said with a smile: "I want the room where my benefactor lived!

At this moment, the Buckingham(Shangri la) Palace.

After meeting Zara and talking to Stephanie on the phone, Charlie did not rush to leave, but out of courtesy, had someone call Yiteng Yuanyi back and met with him.

Zara came to see himself this time, after all, also in the name of meeting Ito Yuhiko, but also hard Ito Emi all the way to transport, so the size is also considered a personal favor.

Ito Xuyan was wheelchair-bound and pushed back to his presidential suite by Ito Emi. When he saw Charlie, he said with a smile: " Mr. Wade, how are you doing?

Charlie saw that he looked good and smiled slightly: "Please bother Mr. Ito, I've been doing quite well lately.

After saying that, he saw Koichi Tanaka sitting on another wheelchair behind Yohiko Ito, and said to him with a smile: "Mr. Tanaka, long time no see!