Amazing Son-in-law 2951 Charlie

  At this moment, Zara has already left Buckingham Palace(Shangri la) and arrived at the old mansion that her mother, Deana, had auctioned off.

Deana had already contacted a local renovation company and was planning to renovate the old house. She was looking forward to moving in after the renovation, so she was very interested in this matter.

When Zara arrived at the front door of the old house, Deana was in the courtyard, cheerfully talking to a designer about his renovation plans.

Through the fence, Zara saw her mother's happy face and was overwhelmed with relief.

She knew that, now, her mother was really living for herself.

It was not only her mother.

She felt that from now on, she too would have to live for herself, no longer be bound by any of the Banks family's ties, and try to live the way she wished. 

The first thing that happened was that Deana was explaining to the designer the direction he wanted to take the design, when he suddenly glanced at his daughter standing at the entrance of the courtyard.

Zara smiled and pushed her way in, asking Deana: 'Mom, have you decided how to decorate?

Deana nodded, pointed to the young female designer beside her and said happily, "I've almost finished communicating with Kate, the main idea of the decoration is still nostalgic."

Zara said with a smile: "Then let's use modern materials and workmanship to construct the house in the style of twenty years ago, the materials and workmanship nowadays have been greatly improved as a whole, which will also ensure quality, environmental protection and comfort.

The designer nodded: "You're right, our general idea now is to use modern materials and techniques to make a nostalgic and retro look, and then try to make the old house more comfortable and livable.

The design of your side of the specific design plan, you still have to wait for our boss to come up with a set of detailed design plans, especially some functional parts, we have to let our boss to find a way to do a good job of concealing the project, you want this retro style, so since the heating, central air conditioning, new air system and wireless network, we have to do as much as possible otherwise it will look very abrupt."

Deana said with a smile: "Right, Kate, your boss told me the other day that we can replace the current wooden beams with metal structures, and then do the wooden painting, so that it looks no different from the wooden beams, and the metal structure can also be used for the air ducts in the middle, and then make the colour of the air outlets exactly the same as the beams. I think this plan is quite reliable, please talk to your boss, and then help me to refine the specific plan, the best is to give me to do a effect.

The female designer did not hesitate to say: "Yes Auntie Deana, I will go back and talk to our boss about it, and try to make all these works concealed by then.

She then asked, ''By the way, Auntie Deana, are you really not going to harden the ground of the courtyard? It's hard to take care of this dirt floor now when it rains.''

Deana waved her hand: ''Except for the access road, I don't want to harden the ground, but I will put some grass seeds in the spring.

She then asked, "By the way, Kate, you are a native of Aurous Hill, right?

The other person nodded and said, '"Yes, Auntie Deana, my house is just a few kilometres away."

Deana pointed at the walls of the house and the withered wall climbers on the courtyard fence and asked, "Do you think these wall climbers will still grow in spring? The house has been idle for quite a long time, so I really don't know whether these wallflowers are dead or alive.

The designer said with a smile: "Auntie Deana, wall climbers are very vigorous in the south of the Yangtze River, don't look like a piece of dead leaves when it's cold, but in the spring will grow new shoots, in the summer, can climb all over the front wall, this old red brick house with. This old red brick house with its green wall climbers is beautiful!

After a pause, the designer added: "Moreover, with wall climbers, the insulation effect is particularly good, and in summer, the temperature in the house can be lowered by a few degrees!