Amazing Son-in-law 2949 Charlie

  Charlie did not expect that Orrin and Angie couple would also come to Aurous Hill.

After hearing that, he hurriedly asked: "How are Uncle and Auntie's schedule arranged? Do you want my side to arrange accommodation in advance?

Stephanie said with a smile: " My parents are estimated to go over on the day of the concert, and they have a lot of things to do here in Eastcliff, go over to the concert that day, and then fly back at night.

Stephanie said: "In fact, parents are not to see my concert, after all, my next concert in Eastcliff, they are mainly to meet you, by the way, to celebrate your birthday."

Charlie heard that Orrin and Angie are coming to celebrate his birthday, heart moved, but also feel a little ashamed, busy said: "Nui Nui, I as a junior, how can I let Uncle Orrin and Aunt Angie come so far to celebrate my birthday!

Stephanie casually laughed: "Oh, it does not matter, Mom and Dad would have treated you as their own children, not to mention that you also saved my father's life, saved the fate of our family, with this kindness in, even if you go to the United States, Mom and Dad will certainly rush over to celebrate your birthday!

said, Stephanie said: "Charlie brother, do you remember, when I was small, every time you have a birthday, or my birthday, our two families will always take time to celebrate together, then because dinner are to eat at home, with a large group of people, so we are noon when the two families of six people to go out to find a single place about a meal.

Charlie replied: "Of course I remember! Every time I had a birthday, you always sang around me, and when it was your birthday, Mum asked me to sing to you, but I was always embarrassed"

"Yeah!" Stephanie said with a smile: "you were so introverted back then, you didn't talk or play with me much, I always took the initiative to pester you."

Charlie sighed in his heart, "I wasn't introverted because of that, but because I was bashful and awkward!"

Imagine a child of a few years old, being told that he would marry that little girl who was like a faggot in the future, could he not be squirming in his heart?

However, this was not said by Charlie, but he laughed: ''Maybe I was shy when I was small.

Stephanie said with a smile: "Brother Charlie, why don't you also spend noon on your birthday with our family this time, okay? My parents will be especially happy, don't you think?"

Charlie was calculating the time when Stephanie hurriedly added: "Brother Charlie, I know that you must be at home with your wife for dinner on your birthday, that's why I booked the start time of the concert to 8pm. then leave for the stadium at seven o'clock.

"Since you eat at home in the evening, you don't have to eat at home for lunch, right?

Here, Stephanie's voice with a few pleading said: " brother Charlie, my parents so far away to run, You have to give them a chance to eat with you and celebrate your birthday! In addition, I also want to be like when I was a child, when you blow out the candles and make a wish, beside you to sing you a birthday song, you say okay?

Hearing this, Charlie was moved in his heart, but also knew that he could not refuse Stephanie's request.

So, he did not hesitate to say: "Good! Then at noon on the day of the birthday, I'll have Albert vacate the entire Tian Xiang House, and we'll eat there then!" Great!" Stephanie cheered, excitedly said:" Then it's a deal, then I'll prepare the birthday cake!

Charlie laughed: "I'll just buy a cake myself, don't worry about it.

"How can that be!" Stephanie said: How can you let the birthday boy buy his own cake! Besides, you're such a straight man with cancer, the cake you choose will definitely not look good, or I'll order it from Eastcliff first, and have them fly it over early that morning after it's ready."

Charlie helplessly said: "It does not need to be such a big trouble, right?

Stephanie said very seriously: "Of course it does! This is my first birthday to you after nearly 20 years, the cake must choose the best, even if there is a little regret, I can not forgive myself!

Charlie had to say: "Then okay, the cake matter will be left to you."

Stephanie said repeatedly: "Mm-hmm! Just leave it to me, brother Charlie you don't have to worry about anything!