Amazing Son-in-law 2947 Charlie

  If you want to take your wife and family over to relax, otherwise the island is idle".

Charlie smiled: "I appreciate the kindness, as for going or not, let's talk about it later.

Zara nodded, then said: "Then I will go to the Maldives tomorrow, to complete the transfer of things, and then with you to set up a joint venture company.

Charlie said: ''Good, this is not urgent in a day or two, after all, there are still a lot of preliminary preparations, I will let my side of the business responsible for this piece of contact with you, after the two of you play together, together to operate this piece of business.

The two of you will work together to run this business.' Good! Zara said: '' Zara all listen to your arrangements.

After chatting with Zara, Charlie asked Emi Ito to send her out of Buckingham Palace(Shangri la), while Charlie himself went to his office with Cameron.

Cameron took a phone call at this time, then came to the front and spoke: "Young master, Miss Stephanie's side of the agency team has sent a confirmation letter, in the Buckingham Palace booked eighty-five rooms, more than one hundred and fifty people, tomorrow to stay.

Charlie asked curiously: "Is it Nui Nui(Stephanie)? She's coming to Aurous Hill.

Yes." Cameron said, "In three days it will be Miss Stephanie's concert, her team will come over tomorrow to inspect the venue, rehearse the day after tomorrow, and start singing the day after tomorrow.

Charlie nodded and laughed, "I've been hoping for the stars and the moon, but finally she's here, but why didn't she say hello to me?"

Cameron said with a smile, "Maybe she wanted to give you a surprise.

If he really wanted to give me a surprise, he wouldn't have set the hotel for his stay at Buckingham Palace.

Saying that, Charlie took out his phone and said: "I'll give her a call.

Cameron wisely withdrew from the office, and Charlie's side also called Stephanie's phone.

When Stephanie picked up the phone, she asked joyfully, "Brother Charlie, why are you calling me at this time?"

Charlie laughed, "What's wrong with calling at this time?

Stephanie said with a smile: "Of course there is no problem, just a little surprised to receive your call, you usually do not take the initiative to give me a call.

Charlie said, "I heard from Cameron that your team is coming over tomorrow. What about you? Are you coming tomorrow?

Stephanie explained:" Tomorrow I will not go over first, my team will go over first ......