Amazing Son-in-law 2942 Charlie

  When Zara saw this message, she immediately told Charlie, while asking him, "Mr. Wade, should I give him one back now?"

Charlie nodded and smiled, "Go back and see what he says."

Zara hurriedly dialed Lord Bank's number.

The call was quickly answered.

On the other end of the line, Lord Banks pretended to be concerned and asked, "Zara, how have you been these past few days? Have you encountered any problems that you need grandpa's help with?"

Zara said in a nonchalant tone, "I've been doing well lately, trying to revitalise my ocean shipping business, I appreciate your kindness, but I don't need your help."

Lord Banks sighed and said guiltily, "These two days, grandpa has been unable to eat or sleep, not only is his heart full of guilt for you and your mother, but he has also been thinking about how to compensate you both. I thought I would give you the island that the Banks family has reserved for themselves in the Maldives, so that you and your mother can go there and have a good rest.

Although the islands in the Maldives are expensive, they are not very valuable. The island developed by the Banks family only cost a few tens of millions of dollars, like the Maldivian government buying the right to use it for a hundred years.

An island that not only has to have a whole set of architectural solutions to go with a lot of luxury decorations, but also a full set of hardware facilities such as a marina, a helicopter pad and satellite communications, and even an independent ......

Power generation and desalination capacity.

The Banks family has invested nearly three billion RMB in the construction of the whole package.

Originally, Lord Banks saw the island as his future paradise, so he spared no expense in this regard.

If he were to give it to Zara, he would not be able to do so.

But he was only paying lip service to the idea of winning his granddaughter's heart.

According to his understanding of Zara, he felt that it was unlikely that Zara would want the island for herself.

First of all, Zara's whole heart is now focused on her ocean shipping business, so she is definitely not interested in going to the Maldives.

Secondly, her mother, Deana, might hate her right now, so if she were to go to her island to relax, Deana would definitely not agree.

Sure enough.

Once Zara heard him say these words, she couldn't help but frown.

She was not stupid either.

Knowing that there was at least nine points of false sentiment in grandpa's words.

But what a bullsh*t island in the Maldives, she wasn't even interested in it!

Zara was about to refuse, when she saw Charlie give herself a wink, signalling her to agree to it.

So, she hesitated for a moment and said, "Then thank you very much, grandpa, please ask grandpa to ask housekeeper Banks to bring the title documents of the island to Aurous Hill some other day. Mum went to relax."

When Lord Banks heard this, he instantly felt a strong pain in his flesh.

He thought to himself, "I was just being polite, why did you really agree? You are so young, what do you need an island for your retirement? If you take it away from me, what am I going to do? I can't develop another one from scratch, can I?"

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, "Zara, the title documents of the island have to be transferred to the Maldives, which is relatively troublesome, but you and your mother can go there first to rest and relax."

Zara said smoothly, "That's perfect, I'll do the title transfer on the way while I'm there."

Saying that, Zara added, "Grandpa, you also know that my mother must have some opinions about you, if that island was under your name, she would definitely not go there, but it would be different if it was under my name."

Lord Banks could only say resentfully, "You're right, it's grandpa who owes you consideration, in that case, if you have time to go sometime, I'll have Anshun go there too, and get the formalities done ......"

Saying that, Lord Banks hurriedly added, "By the way Zara, grandpa still has something to ask you for a favor this time ......"

Zara gave a hint: "Go ahead."

Lord Banks said: "This is the case, that benefactor of yours, just now called me, he may have some misunderstanding with me, the telephone conversation seems not too pleasant, so grandpa would like to ask you to help to make peace with him, in the future, we do not cross the river water, do you think it is okay?