Amazing Son-in-law 2941 Charlie

  Lord Banks understood very well in his heart.

Right now, the only person who could stop that mysterious expert was his own granddaughter, Zara.

He said to Banks Anshun and He Lao, "If Zara is willing to put in a good word for me, she can definitely make that person give up or delay the idea of hunting me down ......"

Banks Anshun nodded repeatedly and said, "I think that mysterious person must have deep feelings for Missy, otherwise he would not have chased her from Japan to Aurous Hill to protect her, if Missy can really put in a good word for you, it might be possible to make a big deal out of a small one ......"

Lord Banks sighed and said, "I can't fight and I can't hide, so the only way left is to beg for forgiveness ......"

He Lao couldn't help but ask, "Master, I know Miss Zara's character quite well, I'm afraid she's not that good at talking about this matter, right?"

"Indeed ......" Lord Banks said in a depressed voice, "This girl has a huge appetite, I gave her the entire Ocean Shipping Group to shut her up about the previous launch, if I still beg her this time, I don't know what she will ask for ......"

Speaking of this, Lord Bank's expression was cold as he recited, "The reason why the Ocean Shipping Group was given to her was to see if she could bring that business to life, if not, then dead ......

In her hands is no different from dying in my hands, but if it can be revived, I still have to get this business back sooner or later with interest, but if she still wants my other business, I can't say anything to cut the meat again ......"

Banks Anshun spoke up, "Master, why don't you make a phone call first to sound out Missy?"

"Mm!" Lord Banks nodded and said, "I'll give her a call here, oh yes Anshun, I asked you to secretly keep an eye on her recent moves, do you know what she's been doing these past two days?"

Banks Anshun hurriedly said, "Master, Missy went to the Buckingham Palace Hotel today."

"What?!" Lord Banks frowned and asked in a stern voice, "What? Could it be that she is going to talk to the wade family about cooperation?"

Banks Anshun explained, "It's not to talk about cooperation with the wade family, it's to talk about cooperation with Ito Yohiko, and as you know, Ito Yohiko is staying at the Buckingham Palace recently."

Lord Banks sighed with relief and nodded, "I almost forgot about this, Zayne was looking for a chance to see Ito Yohiko before she disappeared at Buckingham Palace, will Ito Yohiko take care of her if Zara runs over to see him now?"

Banks Anshun nodded and said, "According to the news sent back by my people, after Missy went to Buckingham Palace, It was in the hotel lobby that he was picked up by Yohiko Ito's sister, Emi Ito."

"What?!" Lord Banks asked in surprise, "Yohiko Ito agreed to see her?"

Banks An Shun then said, "My men followed up and saw that Missy did go into Ito Yohiko's room."

Lord Banks couldn't help but be a bit stunned, and then couldn't help but sigh, "Ever since the chaos among the three major families in Tokyo and the Ito family's winner takes all, our ocean shipping group, even without being punished, Ito Yohiko was unwilling to cooperate with us, and Zayne, as the son of the Banks family and the heir to the Banks family in the eyes of outsiders, couldn't even get Ito Yohiko to meet with him. Zara has actually done it!"

Banks Anshun nodded and said, "Missy is intelligent and eloquent, and her eloquence is not comparable to that of ordinary young people.

Lord Banks said with some delight, "If that's the case, the ocean shipping business might be revived.

With that, he immediately picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Zara, which read, "Zara, please call grandpa back when it's convenient.