Amazing Son-in-law 2940 Charlie

  Lord Banks could not hide his nervousness and said, "You just heard it, Xuan Fengnian and Mai both folded in that kid's hands, this guy is really completely unmartial, even a hundred year old man won't let go, let alone me ......"

Said Lord Banks sighed and said with some six minds, "And this guy now knows I'm in Suhang, that's what's most dangerous ......"

Banks Anshun hurriedly said, "Master, in my humble opinion, the most urgent thing for us now is to leave Suhang! Suhang is really too close to Aurous Hill ...... In case he comes looking for us, it's only a three or four hour drive ......"

Lord Banks nodded his head and murmured with a sigh, "Ai! It's easy to leave Suhang, but where do we go after we leave?"

Banks Anshun was busy saying, "Master, why don't we just go back to Eastcliff!"

Lord Banks said somewhat sullenly, "Going back to Eastcliff may not be really safe, after all, his strength is really inscrutable, he could kidnap James silently under He Lao's nose before, God knows if he will do the same thing again and kidnap me too?"

Even if I escaped to the South China Sea, it would only be a three-hour flight for him to find me."

At this moment, He Lao, who had not spoken for a long time, said, "Master, why don't you go to the Maldives first to take shelter and relax for a few days in the meantime! Suhang hasn't really warmed up these days, the Maldives has suitable weather, and it's far away and a separate island, so we can also lay out the security work!"

Said He added: "The Maldives is an archipelago type country, the local government except for the capital city and a few large islands, the rest can be sold and rented, for this kind of rented islands, the local government, not to mention the national army, even the national police will not be sent over, basically let us do our own thing, there is more room for maneuvering. "

"If you are willing to go there, I can ask my brother to help me by hiring some mercenaries from the Middle East and the West. The American company Blackwater has a large number of highly trained mercenaries. "

Although the Banks family has not been able to take their business all over the world, their own properties are located all over the world.

Basically all developed countries have Banks family properties, so Banks family members have a home everywhere they go.

As for holiday destinations like the Maldives, Phuket, Bali and Tahiti, there is even less to say.

The Banks family has long since bought several islands in the Maldives, several of which have been developed into high-end luxury island hotels, while one island has been developed but not put into commercial use, instead being reserved for the Banks family's own holiday needs.

At this time, the weather in Suhang is still a little cold and damp before the first month, but the Maldives, which is on the equator, is very comfortable even now and is indeed suitable for short to medium term holidays.

And, as He said, in an island nation like the Maldives, the government doesn't have the energy to control so many walks around the islands ......

The island is basically sold to whoever he wants, even if some local laws do not allow it, as long as a little money is paid, it can be accommodated, and there is a lot of room for maneuvering.

Therefore, once you go to Maldave, you can definitely build a very strong defense system in a short period of time. It is not an exaggeration to say that once you deploy high-end mercenaries from Blackwater in the way that He Lao said, the island's defense capability will be so strong that even the local army may not be able to fight in.

However, although He Lao had thought through the security very carefully, he had overlooked Lord Bank's character and his position in the family.

Unless the downfall of not leaving was certain death, he would never be willing to leave.

Leaving the country to escape the storm was Lord Bank's last resort, and he would only consider it as a last resort.

Because he knew very well that once he left China, the control of the Banks family would be out of his hands, and even the whole Banks family might be torn apart.

Moreover, if he left, he might never come back.

Even if that mysterious man no longer pursued him, his own children would never want him to come back once they had profited from it.

By then, he would have been attacked at his back!

Thinking of this, Lord Banks gritted his teeth and said to Banks Anshun and He Lao, "I must not leave China until it is absolutely necessary!"

Banks Anshun asked nervously, "Master, that guy is so strong, how are we going to deal with him next?"

Lord Banks pondered for a moment and said seriously, "Right now, only Zara can save me!