Amazing Son-in-law 2936 Charlie

  Charlie asked her: "Then what is your next plan? Banks family's ocean shipping group is currently completely banned, if you don't find a way out quickly. This stall business might be smashed in your hands."

"Yes." Zara spoke, "I had wanted to meet and chat with your Excellency, but I didn't expect you to contact me first, in fact, I was planning to sell the entire ocean shipping group directly to liquidate it, and then use the liquidated funds to do other businesses ......"

"But then I thought about it, if I sell the Banks family's ocean shipping group, then my grandfather will definitely hate me to the bone, and the entire Banks family will also see me as an enemy, in that case, I may not have a chance to become the Banks family head in this life ......"

Charlie nodded his head. Said: "You're right, if you directly sell the entire Ocean Shipping Group, it's the same as taking a huge amount of compensation. Then break up with the Banks family."

Zara was busy asking, "Then does Your Grace have any good suggestions?"

Charlie opened his mouth and said, "I am preparing to start the ocean shipping business, at present I have enough funds in hand, what is lacking is ready-made resources, if you are interested, we can set up a joint venture company together, you bring all the resources of the Banks family ocean shipping group into the stock."

Zara was overjoyed and asked, "Is it a direct cooperation with you?"

"Yes." Charlie nodded his head. Said: "But I don't want to announce myself yet ......

My own identity, so this ocean shipping company, should be set up as a new company shell separately. And my own information will not appear in this company."

Knowing that Charlie had always kept a low profile, Zara said, "Just one word from your Excellency, Zhiyu will immediately integrate all the resources that can be integrated and serve your Excellency wholeheartedly!"

Charlie said seriously: "I don't want you to cooperate with me because I saved you, since it's a partnership. It must take what you need, and never let the other party purely devote."

Saying that, Charlie added: "The terms of my cooperation are. I will invest ten billion dollars in cash and use all the resources I can integrate to make equity, while on your side, you will integrate the entire Banks family's ocean shipping group and set up a new company with 51% for me and 49% for you, if you are sure you are willing to cooperate with me, then I will start making the next arrangements now."

Zara said without hesitation, "I am willing!"

Charlie nodded and said seriously, "In that case, then I will also help you get more resources and initiative next."

Saying that, he picked up his phone. He gave a call to Cameron and opened his mouth and said, "Old Cameron, send Mai's cell phone here."

Cameron quickly rushed over with a phone that was turned off.

Charlie took the phone. Turned the power on directly and found Lord Bank's contact information, said to Zara: "I'll call your grandfather now."

Zara was surprised and asked, "Master wade. Why do you ...... you want to call him?"

Charlie laughed: "Hasn't he always wanted to find me, then I will do as he wishes."

So, just when Lord Banks was scratching his head over the situation in front of him, Charlie directly pressed the dial out button in front of Zara and Cameron.

Lord Banks, who was anxious, suddenly saw that Mai had called him, and his heart burst with joy!

He subconsciously said, "I thought that Mai should not be in trouble, he is such a shrewd person, as long as he smells a little danger, he will immediately run away!"

After saying that, he immediately picked up the phone and asked: "Uncle Mai, where the hell have you been? I searched for you all morning but did not find!"

Charlie snickered at the other end of the phone, mockingly said, "No need to look, he has been controlled by me."

Charlie's words made Lord Bank's heart thump, and his phone almost fell to the ground without holding it.

A moment later, he forced himself to calm down and asked tentatively, "Who the hell are you ......?!"

Charlie laughed: "Master Banks, you have gone to so much trouble and sent so many people to Aurous Hill to find my whereabouts, so I am really flattered, so I took the initiative to call over to say hello to you.