Amazing Son-in-law 2934 Charlie

  He Lao, who was on the side, thudded in his heart and hurriedly came up to take a closer look, and his heart instantly went cold to the bottom.

        "Just now I was hoping that Xuan Fengnian would be able to kill Lord He and get his cultivation method, but before I could finish my dream, Xuan Fengnian disappeared in Aurous Hill?"

        Lord Banks was already a bit overwhelmed at this point, and he murmured in a despondent manner, "Aurous Hill is not even a city ...... It's a black hole! Even Xuan Fengnian was able to bend into it, what exactly is hidden inside ......"

        Banks Anshun said with concern while helping him smooth his back, "Old master you don't get anxious and angry first, now Xuan Fengnian just can't be contacted, the exact situation, we don't know now, it's better to wait for more accurate news, what do you think?"

        Lord Banks waved his hand and said with dismay, "There is no point in waiting any longer, we have been expecting a miracle since James, but there are no clues so far, followed by Zayne who also disappeared like a human being, and now it is Xuan Fengnian ...... The people I sent to Aurous Hill are now the only ones left, Mai!"

        Banks Anshun was busy saying, "Master, then why don't you call Mai and ask him to help tell the fortune to see what is going on, he is an old man with little attack power and usually acts cautiously, he is unlikely to be in trouble with anyone."

        "Right." Lord Banks immediately nodded and said, "Mai has never wanted to get into trouble and wants to avoid all risks at all times, with his style of acting like this, he definitely won't encounter any danger."

        With that, he continued to make a phone call to Mai with a trembling hand.

        But to his surprise, on the other end of the line, a system beep also rang out.

        "Sorry, the number you have dialed is switched off, please dial again later ......"