Amazing Son-in-law 2931 Charlie

  For He Lao, who was also a martial artist, he was incomparably enthralled deep down after hearing that Lord He had become a four-star martial artist.

        However, there were countless hardships and difficulties on the path of the martial arts, and it was simply impossible for an ordinary person to make any great achievements.

        To become a two-star martial artist, one needed to be extremely gifted and supported by huge resources.

        As for three-star martial artists, there are only a handful of them.

        As for four-star martial artists, there was only one known person, Lord He Hongsheng.

        Therefore, Elder He knew very well in his heart that Lord He Hongsheng must have met some great opportunity.

        The greatest possibility was that he had found a better internal martial arts technique.

        So, he was looking forward to this.

        However, he also knew very well that even a fragmented internal martial art, not to mention a better internal martial art, was an untold secret of many families, and it was impossible for him to pry into it.

        But right now there was a good opportunity, Master Banks had found Xuan Fengnian, a master of compulsion. Although he himself was not strong, he had already played a hand of compulsion so well that it was completely invisible to kill.

        It was precisely because of this that he asked Elder Banks to ask Xuan Fengnian to find a way to force his cultivation method out of Lord He Hongsheng's mouth.

        Lord Banks, however, said with some concern at this time, "I don't know now, whether Xuan Fengnian's compulsion technique can kill a four-star martial artist or not, after all, the strength of a four-star martial artist is unfathomable, so it's possible that Xuan Fengnian is really no match."

        He Lao hurriedly said, "Master, you don't know, in the eyes of our martial arts people, this kind of thing is like a submachine gun, it belongs to the kind that doesn't talk about martial virtue at all, even a strong martial arts expert can't withstand a bullet from a submachine gun at close range, Xuan Fengnian's compulsion, when really used, its power is no less than that of a submachine gun!"