Amazing Son-in-law 2930 Charlie

  After all, Zara is now trying to find an outlet for her ocean shipping group, and it is only natural and logical to go to Ito Yohiko to talk about cooperation.


      The more logical it is, the easier it is for Lord Banks to let his guard down.


      The time soon arrived at noon.


      The car that was struck by lightning at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery is still sparking many rumors in the community.


      However, no one connected this matter with Xuan Fengnian.


      Even Lord Banks simply did not know that Xuan Fengnian, on whom he had placed so much hope, would have been reduced to pieces by now.


      However, by noon, the police did issue a missing person notice.


      According to the car that was struck by lightning on Phoenix Hill yesterday, they found the registration information of the vehicle.


      As the car was under the name of a car rental company, the police then followed the trail to find the information of the car's renter.


      Thanks to the country's strong real-name measures, Xuan Fengnian was not able to hide his identity when he rented the car, and the document he provided to the rental company was his own British passport.


      The car that was struck by lightning last night had been rented by a British man named Xuan Fengnian.


      However, only the wreckage of the car was found at the scene, but there was no sign of Xuan Fengnian.


      The car had been struck by lightning, and the man had to be found somehow.


      So, the Aurous Hill police spent the morning looking for clues about Xuan Fengnian.


      The police searched the CCTV footage and found that Xuan Fengnian had indeed driven the car all the way out of Aurous Hill City to Phoenix Mountain last night.


      This clue made the police pay more attention to Xuan Fengnian's whereabouts.


      After all, the line of events in this case was that Xuan Fengnian drove to Phoenix Mountain, followed by the car being struck by lightning and burnt to a hollow shell, and then Xuan Fengnian also disappeared.


      They seriously doubted that Xuan Fengnian could have died as tragically and strangely as the previous security guard at the cemetery, so it was imperative that his whereabouts be found.


      So, while the police organised a carpet search around Phoenix Hill, they also followed the usual procedure of handling the case and issued a search notice, releasing Xuan Fengnian's personal information and collecting valuable clues from the public.


      This call for clues did not attract too much attention from the public.


      After all, Xuan Fengnian was a completely unheard of person to the general public, and people were not concerned about his death.


      However, the news soon came to the attention of the Banks family's eyes.


      At this moment, Lord Banks was having a secret talk with Elder He in his study.


      He Lao, was currently the strongest expert in the Banks Family.


      He was also Lord Banks's last trump card.


      If Elder He also broke, then basically Lord Banks would have no one to rely on.


      This time, Elder He took the initiative to come over, just to talk to him about Xuan Fengnian.


      He said to Lord Banks, "Master, are you planning to let Xuan Fengnian kill Lord He after he has finished off that mysterious man?"


      "That's right." Lord Banks had nothing to hide in front of Elder He and spoke, "Lord He Hongsheng has now broken through to a four-star martial artist, if he can't be used for me, he will definitely be a big trouble in the future, I can't keep him as a hidden danger!"


      He Lao clasped his fist and spoke, "Master, I have a request to make!"


      Lord Banks nodded his head and said, "There is no need to be so polite."


      He said seriously, "Since Lord He Hongsheng was able to break through to a four-star martial artist, he must have some kind of chance, maybe he has even mastered some new internal martial arts technique. "