Amazing Son-in-law 2923 Charlie

  When she heard Charlie's question, He Zhiqiu(Ziva) was a bit bashful, she didn't want Charlie to know that she was just asking Doris about whether he was a good person to get along with.

Doris also belonged to the kind of woman with extremely high emotional intelligence, so she smiled slightly and then said to Charlie: "The two of us were just talking about our future work, after all, we are all going to be in your company here together in the future, so we can still exchange ideas on many things."

She said, she looked at He Zhiqiu(Ziva), and said: 'Young master, Miss He(Ziva) has just returned to China, and is ready to accept a brand new business from scratch, so you must give her some guidance at that time, to help her get into shape early.

Charlie didn't think much of it, nodded gently and said seriously: ''That's for sure, I personally attach a lot of importance to this business, so once this business starts, I will definitely put more - more energy into it.

He Zhiqiu(Ziva)'s heart felt a little sweet again.

According to Charlie, there would be many opportunities to meet with him in the future.

 Doris then asked: "Young master, do you have any specific ideas about the ocean shipping business? For example, where should we start first?

Charlie said, "I hope we can start our core business directly as soon as possible, and not put too much effort into familiarising ourselves with the industry as well as integrating resources, our first goal in starting this business now is to get our own cargo ships to set sail as soon as possible."

He Zhiqiu(Ziva) hurriedly spoke up, "Mr. Wade, this side ......

I have carefully considered the face, the preliminary preparations to do is to register an ocean shipping company as soon as possible, and then obtain the relevant operating qualifications and shipping permits, as long as these solutions, our ship theoretically can be reasonable and legal passage.

Said, she said: "But because we are all starting from scratch, now there is no ship in hand committed to port resources, so we have to do the preliminary preparations when the synchronization of some ship and port-related resources, the port is good, when I go to facilitate relations, but the ship piece, you must pay attention to it as soon as possible, because now the major shipyards The orders are very large, whether it is container ships, or bulk carriers, crude oil or LNG liquefied natural gas vessels, from the order to the delivery of the ship, at least a year or more.

Charlie nodded and said: "In this regard, I intend to make two preparations, the first is to seize the time to place orders with major shipyards at home and abroad, so that they can start scheduling production for us; the second preparation is to dock the resources of some ship leasing companies and use the leasing method to build up a primary shipping fleet for us.

He Zhiqiu(Ziva) busy said: "I have already started to do preparations for this, the largest domestic ship leasing companies, I have begun to do in-depth understanding, and can touch with them at any time related to the leasing plan, I think the initial preparation of five cargo ships, the first five cargo ships as the basis, run through the world's major routes and port docking process.

Charlie agreed and said: ''No problem, you can now start leasing this thing, in a ......