Amazing Son-in-law 2919 Charlie


And what Charlie needed for alchemy was ambergris of at least ten thousand years old, and ordinary goods had no meaning at all.

So, he said to Mai: "This thing should not be anything unusual, I wonder what Xuan Fengnian is doing with such a piece of stuff around.

The young master wade you do not know, if it is ordinary ambergris, the whole is waxy, and this thing is relatively flammable, as long as the dry ambergris, directly take the fire can be burned, but this piece is some special.

He said, he continued: "After being struck by your heavenly lightning, even Xuan Fengnian flesh and blood are turned into pieces, but this ambergris can still be preserved intact, so it can be seen that this piece of ambergris has become fossilized!

"Turned into fossil?!"

Charlie exclaimed, stepped forward, opened his mouth and asked: " Can you be sure that this thing is really fossilized?

Mai handed the piece of ambergris to Charlie, explained: "Wade young master you see for yourself, this thing can now be described as hard, extremely dense, and is no longer waxy, more like a stone more, if not this texture is relatively special, I may not recognize this is ambergris.

Charlie asked curiously: "Have you ever found ambergris fossils before?

Mai said: "Yes, but it was abroad, and as soon as it came out, it was bought by a mysterious person at a very high price.

Charlie asked him: "You have research on ambergris?

Mai nodded and explained: 'Ambergris incense has a very strong ......

The medicinal effect, and can make people discard distractions, complete relaxation, it is very suitable to use it to enter a meditative state, in the deduction of the I Ching bagua, a great help, so most feng shui masters of the ambergris are very sought after, even if there is no money, smashing pots and pans also to buy some containing ambergris incense, I usually have some, so also do some research in passing.

Said, Mai and said: "The vast majority of the ambergris on the market, are obtained by killing sperm whales in the deep sea, but these two ways to get the ambergris, the time will not be long.

After a pause, Mai continued: "I heard that some masters used to need a thousand years, or even more than ten thousand years of ambergris into medicine.

"But this kind of thing is too rare, the only way to find it is to go to the bottom of the deep sea.

"This is because ten thousand years ago humans simply do not have the ability to kill the sperm whale, when the sperm whale died and sank to the bottom of the sea, the formation of whale fall, the bones of the corpse by the bottom of the sea creatures gnawed after, ambergris will sleep in the bottom of the sea, buried in the mud and sand.

"However, in the sea to find a piece of buried, more than 10,000 years of ambergris, the difficulty is not much different from the needle in the sea, so almost no one can do, before the discovery of ambergris fossils, it is said that because of geological movements, tens of thousands of years ago was melted into the rock layer, until some years ago to reappear in the sky.

Charlie's heart was overjoyed, if this piece of ambergris can really reach the level of a fossil, then it must be at least tens of thousands of years old, in that case, this thing may really be able to meet its own needs for refining Peiyuan Dan!