Amazing Son-in-law 2909 Charlie

  Charlie said blandly at this time, "You get out of the taxi first, Xuan Fengnian is right behind you and will be up here soon, as long as you do what I tell you to do, I can naturally keep you safe."

Mai gritted his teeth and nodded, even if he didn't trust Charlie, he didn't have any other choice at this time, so he could only walk out of the taxi with a stiff head.

Just then, Xuan Fengnian drove that Volkswagen sedan up the hill so fast that when he saw that Mai had already gotten out of the car, he directly kicked the accelerator and drove into the rear of whichever taxi Charlie was in.

He waited for the car to stop and stepped out of the car in mock anger, shouting at the Volkswagen behind him, "Are you crazy? I'm the only car in this sh*tty place at night, and you can rear-end me? !"

The door of the Volkswagen behind him suddenly pushed open and a man with a sinister look on his face pushed down the door and sneered at Charlie: "Young man, don't be so angry!

Charlie angrily questioned, "You hit me and you're telling me not to be so angry?

Xuan Fengnian laughed grimly and said: 'When people get angry, their brains tend to fill with blood, and this filled brain is like unbleeding pork, it's not good!"

Charlie cursed: "Damn, you're sick in the head, aren't you?

I'll let you experience what it's like to have your brain sucked clean.

After saying that, he immediately took out the fat and big white compulsion from his pocket and said lovingly, "My good boy, you can eat this appetizer first, after eating this, I will let you eat the old one later!"

At this moment, Mai, who was on the side, sternly scolded, "Xuan Fengnian! What are you trying to do?!"

Xuan Fengnian looked at Mai and said in a cold voice, "Of course I want to kill you!

"But well, as long as you honestly tell me the clues you've found out, I'll give you a painful death later before I let my native parasite eat your brain."

"But if you don't tell me honestly, then I'll let it gnaw your skull clean bit by bit, and let you experience for yourself how it feels to have your brain eaten!

"Believe me, that will make your life worse than death, if you don't believe me, later on you can see how this kid died first!

Charlie this time skimmed his mouth, a disdainful face said: "Sh*t, where the stinky stupid, raising a disgusting grasshopper even if the big bug, but also full of f*cking mouth, on this broken thing, still want to eat my brain? Where the f*ck did you drink last night ......

What? How many dishes ah drink so much?

Xuan Fengnian laughed, full of contempt said: "Ha ha, really ignorant fearless, my native parasite killed countless people, including some so-called martial arts experts, but those experts in front of it, each one is a lamb to be slaughtered, not the slightest resistance, let alone you an ordinary person? You will soon pay the most painful price for your ignorance!

Charlie grunted " you dead old man less f*cking bragging in front of me, I did not raise a baby silkworm when I was small, you worm is not a little bigger than the baby silkworm? What's the big deal?

"Bas ta rd!" Xuan Fengnian cursed in anger: "You ignorant child, how dare you compare my native parasite with the silkworm baby, I want your dog's life!

After saying that, he shook one hand, to the life compass shouted: "Go!

Immediately after, the native parasite immediately curled into a bow, and then in his hand flicked, the whole body jumped up in the air, straight to Charlie's sky!

Charlie then saw that the speedy coming compulsion, with a mouth full of black teeth, the mouthpiece looks, seems to be much sharper than the blade made of steel, he does not doubt that this thing can bite a big hole in the sky!