Amazing Son-in-law 2905 Charlie

  Mai smiled sarcastically and said, "Master Xuan, I'll be straightforward about some things, the clues can be told to you, but I personally have a small condition ......"

Xuan Fengnian's tone suddenly cooled down and questioned, "What? Now that you have some clues, you want to negotiate with me on terms? You mustn't forget, Mr. Mai, that finding that mystery man is in itself your part of the job! And 

It's my job to finish off the mystery man, you're doing your own job and you still want to negotiate with me?"

I have come all the way to China just to make some money. After all, I have never done anything like this before, so I may not be able to live with a clear conscience in the future.

He added, "I've been bringing Mike to China for a few days now, and I've been looking around for all kinds of possible clues before, and I've really had a lot of running around."

At this point, Mai turned his words and added, "However, Master Xuan, you have just arrived in Aurous Hill, if I give you the clues today, maybe you will kill that person at night, and then you can pat your butt and take the money, compared to this, my money is indeed much harder to earn than Master Xuan!"

Xuan Fengnian asked in a cold voice, "Mr. Mai, from what you're saying, it seems like you want to take a cut of my money and leave, huh?" 

Mai laughed, "Aiya Master Xuan, I didn't mean that, I just wanted to meet with you for a chat to see how much you alone took from the Banks family and how much the two of us took at the Banks family."

"Then we can combine the time we came to Aurous Hill with the time you came to Aurous Hill, and together we can work out an amount that is fair and proper for all three of us."

"If we, the grandparents and the grandchildren, take more, then we'll take the excess and make it up to you, Master Xuan."

"But if it is you, Master Xuan, who has taken more, then we must also trouble you to make up the extra portion to us."

When Xuan Fengnian heard this, he exploded with anger.

In his heart, he thought, "This old thing is really shameless, he wants to calculate money by head and time with me at this time, the old thing wants money without life, right?"

However, he did not have a direct attack on the phone, because he knew very well that it was not difficult for him to kill the two grandchildren of Mai, but the difficult part was that after he killed them, he was afraid that there was no way to find out who that person was.

So, he had to find a way to get the clues out of him!

So, he questioned in a cold voice, "Old Mr. Mai, since you want to meet for a chat, let's make a time and a place."

Mai was busy saying, "Master Xuan come directly to Buckingham Palace, I have booked a suite here, the environment is good."

Xuan Fengnian refused, "I hate places like hotels, otherwise I wouldn't have come to Aurous Hill and been sleeping in the cold, why don't we make a date at Phoenix Hill Cemetery?"

"Phoenix Hill Cemetery?" Mai blurted out, "Your parasite ate that security guard's brain, and now there are rumors that he was eaten by a ghost, causing panic among the people, I'm afraid that the relevant authorities are also watching the place, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for us to meet there again, right?"

When the police officers came to investigate the corpse in the morning, I even went to have a look at the place. "

After a moment's reflection, Mai said with some concern, "Master Xuan, the Phoenix Hill Cemetery is really remote, why don't we change to a closer place?"

Xuan Fengnian said in a cold voice: "If you give me the clue now painfully, then we don't even have to meet, but if you want me to give you a portion of the profit out of my pocket, then sorry, you will have to do what I ask!"

Hearing this, Mai went along with it and said, "Good! In that case, then I'll see you at Phoenix Mountain tonight!"

Xuan Fengnian smiled, "Tonight at midnight, I won't see you.