Amazing Son-in-law 2902 Charlie

  Seeing Mai kneeling on the ground with a pleading face, Charlie's heart recoiled as he said in a cold voice, "If you still want to be able to return to the United States in this life, next you will honestly cooperate with me to catch Xuan Fengnian, and if you can catch him before he kills again, I will give you a chance to return alive. Otherwise, like I said, be prepared to die in Aurous Hill!"

Hearing these words, Mai naturally dared not refute or resist any more, and said with tears in his eyes, "Whatever Young Master wade says, I will obey my orders. ......"

At this moment, he had already realized that the Charlie in front of him was a figure that he could not afford to provoke.

"Other than that. Lai Qinghua(Exoer)'s ability alone is even higher than mine, but yet he is treated with respect, so you can see that this person is by no means a person of the pool ......"

"What's even more impressive is that this person is young, but has the uncanny ability to make Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) twenty years younger. This layer alone is far beyond one's perception!"

"Although I don't know if he can kill Xuan Fengnian or not, I know that if I piss him off ......

He, he definitely won't make it easy for me ......"

On the phone, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) also could not help but sigh, "Old Mai, you should have promised Young Master wade long ago, why did you have to get into this situation now!"

Mai was equally remorseful.

He thought to himself, "How could I have known that he was the one who gave you a great opportunity? If I had known earlier, I would have done whatever he asked me to do, and if I had cooperated with him, maybe he would have given me a great opportunity. ......"

"Now it's a good thing that I just offended someone like this, and now instead of getting any benefit. I still have to harden my head to cooperate, which even if I cooperate with him properly, he may not easily bypass himself afterwards, as for any heavenly chance, even more so, don't even think about it ......"

When Charlie saw that Mai had finally given up resistance, he opened his mouth and instructed, "Since you agreed, then first give me a detailed account of the specifics of your meeting yesterday, such as what exactly you two talked about."

Mai did not dare to delay and hurriedly told all the details of his meeting with Xuan Fengnian yesterday.

There are three very important points.

The first was that Xuan Fengnian's goal in coming to Aurous Hill was to find himself and finish him off.

The second point was that Xuan Fengnian had asked Mai to find a breakthrough point from Zara, which confirmed that this guy, Xuan, must have got the information from Lord Banks. He thought that he was close to Zara and that he could find himself through Zara.

Thirdly, Xuan Fengnian had received two missions from Lord Banks, the first of which was to kill himself. The second mission was still unclear.

After clarifying these, Charlie said in a cold voice: "Since you are willing to cooperate with me, then give Xuan Fengnian a call. Tell him that you have made significant progress in your investigation, ask him to come out to meet, I want to set a trap for him to catch a turtle in a jar."

Mai asked, "What should I say if he asks me about the clues over the phone?"

Charlie said, "Simple, just say that you want to talk to him face to face on a condition before you can give him this relevant clue."

Mai asked again, "What exactly are the conditions?"