Amazing Son-in-law 2897 Charlie

  This man was Charlie, who had just arrived at Buckingham Palace.

Charlie stepped in, looked around the room, then focused his gaze on Mai and asked, "This is Mr. Mai, right?"

Seeing that Charlie's eyebrows were full of heroism, Mai thought that he was a plainclothes law enforcement officer, so he hurriedly said, "Hello officer, I am Mai, I have a very important item that has been stolen!

Charlie nodded and said to Cameron, who was beside him, and the other staff, ''I need to investigate the scene, other relevant people should go out first.''

Cameron pretended that he did not know him, and busily said: ''Okay.

After saying that, he greeted the other staff members and exited the room, closing the door behind him as he left.

In the room, only Charlie and Mai ...... were left.

Cheng Xing's grandparents and grandchildren.

Seeing that Cameron had closed the door, Mai Chengxing could not help but ask Charlie, ""Mr. Constable, are you the only one on your side who has gone to the police this time?""

Charlie looked at Mai Chengxing, his expression suddenly With a bit of coldness, he said:" Since there are no outsiders either, then I'll open up the sky and say something, I'm not a police officer, I've come to you because there are some things I want to ask you for a confirmation.

I'm not a police officer. You're not a police officer? Then who are you? Do you have my compass? !

Charlie said in a cold voice: "Still concerned about your compass? I'm telling you, the next question I'm going to ask, you'd better answer truthfully, or else not to mention the compass, even your life will remain in my hands!

A - side of Mike heard this, at once 怒斥说:" I don't care ......

You are what you are, but please watch what you say! Otherwise, don't blame me for not being polite!

Charlie gave Mike a glance, and a finger directly pointed at the door of his head!

Immediately afterwards, a trace of aura blocked his central nerve, and Mike lost all control of his body without even being able to grunt, and his whole body was like a paraplegic, unable to move a bit.

Mike's expression was terrified and he tried to speak.

But he felt that he was unable to open his mouth!

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Charlie didn't bother to pay attention to him, but looked at the horrified Mai and said coldly: "Master Mai, I know your background and the purpose of your visit to Aurous Hill, I even know that you met Xuan Fengnian at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery last night, so you'd better not play any tricks with me, or else I'll have both of your grandchildren stay at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery tomorrow!